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Version 7.0.28, Jun 15 2012
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Tomcat 7.0.28 (markt)
fix 52055: An additional fix to ensure that the ChunkedInputFilter is correctly recycled. (markt)
add 52954: Make DIGEST authentication tolerant of clients (mainly older Android implementations) that do not follow RFC 2617 exactly. (markt)
update 52955: Implement custom thread factory for container start-stop thread pool. It allows to use daemon threads and give them more distinct names. (kfujino)
fix 52999: Remove synchronization bottleneck from the firing of Container events. (markt)
add 53008: Additional test cases for BASIC authentication and RFC2617 compliance. Patch provided by Brian Burch. (markt)
fix 53021: Correct WebSocket protocol version detection. (pero)
add Add new attributes of allow and deny to UserConfig. (kfujino)
fix 53024: Fix context reloading so requests received during the reload are paused and processed when reloading completes rather than receiving 404 responses. (markt)
add Improve the handling of watched resources so that changes trigger a reload rather than a stop followed by a start which allows requests received to be paused and processed when reloading completes rather than receiving 404 responses. (markt)
fix Remove potential bottleneck on creation of new WebSocket connections. (markt)
fix 53056: Add APR version number to tcnative version INFO log message. (schultz)
fix 53057: Add OpenSSL version number INFO log message when initializing. (schultz)
update Save a bit of memory in annotations cache in DefaultInstanceManager by trimming annotation lists to their size. (kkolinko)
fix Correctly configure the parser used to process server.xml so that external entities may be used to include the content of external files into server.xml. (markt)
fix Make sure ContextMBean#findFilterDefs returns correct filter definitions. (kfujino)
add Ensure that maxParameterCount applies to multi-part requests handled via the Servlet 3 file upload API. (markt)
fix 53062: When constructing absolute URLs for redirects from relative URLs ensure that the resulting URLs are normalized. (markt)
fix 53067: Ensure the WebSocket Servlet continues to work when requests are wrapped. (markt)
fix Enable host's xmlBase attribute in ContextConfig. (kfujino)
fix 53071: Use the message from the throwable (if there is one) when generating the report in the ErrorReportValve and no message has been specified via sendError(). (markt)
fix 53074: Switch to an infinite socket timeout by default for WebSocket connections. (markt)
fix 53081: Do not always cache resources loaded by the web application class loader since they may be very large which in turn could trigger a memory leak. Calls to the web application class loader's getResourceAsStream() method will now access the resource directly rather than via the cache in most cases. (markt)
fix 53090: Include superclasses when considering injection targets. Patch provided by Borislav Kapukaranov. (markt)
fix 53161: Provide a better error message if a ClassFormatException occurs during annotation scanning and do not prevent the web application from starting in this case. (markt)
fix 53180: Improve check for setter method when processing annotations. Patch provided by Violeta Georgieva. (markt)
fix 53225: Fix an IllegalStateException due to the JAR file being closed when accessing static resources in a JAR file when urlCacheProtection="false" in the JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener. (markt)
fix 53230: Changed ManagerBase to throw TooManyActiveSessionsException instead of IllegalStateException when the maximum number of sessions has been exceeded and a new session will not be created. (schultz)
fix 53257: Ensure that resources, including JSP files, that have names that include characters with special meanings in URLs (such as ampersand, semicolon, plus, hash and percent) are correctly handled. This bug is partially a regression caused by the original fix for 51584 and partially an existing issue that had not previously been identified. This fix reverts the original fix for 51584, correctly fixes that issue and fixes the additional issues identified by the test cases that were also added as part of this fix. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 53266: If a class specified in a @HandlesTypes annotation on a ServletContainerInitializer is missing log a more helpful message and do not prevent the web application from starting. (markt)
fix 53267: Ensure that using the GC Daemon Protection feature of the JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener does not trigger a full GC every hour. (markt)
fix 53285: Do not require security-role-ref elements to contain a role-link element. (markt)
fix 53301: Prevent double initialization of pre-created Servlet instances when used in embedded mode. (markt)
fix 53322: When processing resource injection, correctly infer property name from its setter method if the name starts with several uppercase characters. (kkolinko)
fix 53333: When processing JNDI resources, take account of the types of any specified injection targets to ensure that the resource definition and the injection target types are consistent. Based on a patch provided by Violeta Georgieva. (markt)
fix 53337: Forwarding via a RequestDispatcher to an asynchronous Servlet always failed. Includes a test case based on code by Rossen Stoyanchev. (markt)
fix 53339: Ensure WebSocket call backs (onOpen etc.) are called using the web application's class loader. (markt)
fix 53342: To avoid BindException, make startStopThreads into a demon thread. (kfujino)
fix 53353: Make the internal HTTP header parser more tolerant of Content-Type values that contain invalid parameters by ignoring the invalid parameters. (markt)
fix 53354: Correctly handle @WebFilter annotations that do not include a mapping. (markt)
fix 53356: Add support for servlets mapped explicitly to the context root of a web application. (markt)
fix 53366: Ensure new HTTP header parser works correctly when running Tomcat under a security manager. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 53368: Configure the default security policy to allow web applications to use WebSocket when running under a security manager. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 53373: Allow whitespace around delimiters in <Context> aliases for readability. (schultz)
fix 52858: Correct fix for high CPU load (fhanik)
fix 53138: Broken Sendfile on SSL introduced in 7.0.27 (fhanik)
fix 52055: Additional fix required to ensure that InputFilters are recycled between requests. (markt)
fix 53061: Fix a problem in the NIO connector whereby if the poller was under low but consistent load (>1 request/per second and always less than 1 second between requests) timeouts never took place. (markt)
fix 53063: When using an Executor with BIO, use the executor's maxThreads as the default for maxConnections. (markt)
fix 53119: Prevent buffer overflow errors being reported when a client disconnects before the response has been fully written from an AJP connection using the APR/native connector. (markt)
add 53169: Allow developers to avoid chunked encoding for a response of unknown length by setting the Connection: close header. Based on a patch suggested by Philippe Marschall. (markt)
fix 53173: Properly count down maxConnections (fhanik)
update Update default value of pollerThreadCount for the NIO connector. The new default value will never go above 2 regardless of available processors. (fhanik)
add Allow to retrieve the current connectionCount via getter from the endpoint and as JMX attribute of the ThreadPool mbean. (rjung)
fix Correct an edge case where Comet END events were not send to connected clients when the Tomcat connector was stopped. (markt)
fix 53406: Fix possible stack overflow on connection close when using Comet. (fhanik)
fix Improve InternalNioInputBuffer.parseHeaders(). (kkolinko)
add Implement maxHeaderCount attribute on Connector. It is equivalent of LimitRequestFields directive of Apache HTTPD. Default value is 100. (kkolinko)
fix 48097#c7, 53366#c1: If JSP page unexpectedly fails to initialize PageContext instance, write exception to the logs instead of silent swallowing. (kkolinko)
fix 53032: Modify JspC so it extends enabling it to work with features such as namespaces within build.xml files. (markt)
fix Avoid NPE when reload if a state of a BackupManager is FAILED. (kfujino)
fix 53087: In order to avoid that a backup node expire a session, replicate session access time in BackupManager. (kfujino)
add Add support for SecureRandom to cluster manager template. (kfujino)
Web applications
fix Remove obsolete bug warning from Windows service documentation page. (rjung)
add 50182: Various improvements to the Compression Filter. Patch provided by David Becker. (markt)
fix 52853: Clarify how Jar Scanner handles directories. (markt)
fix 53158: Fix documented defaults for DBCP. Patch provided by ph.dezanneau at (rjung)
fix 53203: Correct documentation for the default value of connectionTimeout attribute for AJP protocol connectors. (kkolinko)
update 53289: Clarify ResourceLink example that uses DataSource.getConnection(username, password) method. Not all data source implementations support it. (kkolinko)
fix Fix several HTML markup errors in servlets of examples web application. (kkolinko)
fix 53398: Correct spelling of "received" in the Manager application's XML output. (markt)
fix 53403: Update a reference to the Servlet specification in the first web applciation section of the documentation web application to include newer versions of the specificarion. (markt)
fix 50864 (r1311844): JMX enable most pool properties (fhanik)
add 53254 (r1340160): Add in the ability to purge connections from the pool (fhanik)
update 53367 (r1346691): Prevent pool from hanging during database failure (fhanik)
update When a connection is reconnected due to failed validation make sure the ConnectionState is reset or it will assume incorrect values (fhanik)
fix 53374 (r1348056): Add support for the following properties in DataSourceFactory: commitOnReturn, rollbackOnReturn, useDisposableConnectionFacade, logValidationErrors and propagateInterruptState. Based on patch proposed by Suresh Avadhanula. (kkolinko)
update Update to Eclipse JDT Compiler 3.7.2 at maven tomcat-jasper.pom. (pero)
update Update the native component of the Tomcat APR/native connector to 1.1.24. (markt)
fix Add missing dependencies in pom files. (markt)
add 53034: Add project.url and project.licenses sections to the POMs for the Maven artifacts. (markt)
fix Properly mention jsp_2_2.xsd in the main LICENSE and INSTALLLICENSE files. (kkolinko)
fix 53115: Fix using the command "catalina.bat run" when the value of %TEMP% contains spaces. (kkolinko)
update Add dependencies and description to "validate" target in build.xml, so that it could be run separately. Improve BUILDING.txt and RUNNING.txt. (kkolinko)
Tomcat 7.0.27 (markt)released 2012-04-05
update Explicitly ignore empty path values in virtualClasspath attribute of VirtualWebappLoader class. Document that whitespace around the values is trimmed. Reformat documentation examples to make them more readable. (kkolinko)
fix Further improve fix for 51197 to allow an error reporting Valve to write a response body if sendError() is called during an asynchronous request on a container thread. (markt)
fix Correct fix for 51741 (r1307600): If VirtualDirContext class is configured with non-empty value of extraResourcePaths option (a feature added in 7.0.24), do not implicitly set allowLinking option to the value of true. If it is really needed, it should be set explicitly. (kkolinko)
add 52500: Added configurable mechanism to retrieve user names from X509 client certificates. Based on a patch provided by Michael Furman. (schultz)
fix 52719: Fix a theoretical resource leak in the JAR validation that checks for non-permitted classes in web application JARs. (markt)
code Code clean-up identified by 52723, 52724, 52726, 52727, 52729, 52731 and 52732. (markt)
fix 52792: Improve error message when a JNDI resource can not be found. (markt)
fix 52830: Correct JNDI lookups when using javax.naming.Name to identify the resource rather than a java.lang.String. (markt)
fix 52833: Handle the case where the parent class loader for the Catalina object does not have the system class loader in its hierarchy. This may happen when embedding. Patch provided by olamy. (markt)
add 52839: Add a unit test for DigestAuthenticator and SingleSignOn. Patch provide by Brian Burch. (markt)
fix 52846: Make sure NonLoginAuthenticator registers not MemoryUser but GenericPrincipal into a session when UserDatabaseRealm is used. (kfujino)
add 52850: Extend memory leak prevention and detection code to work with IBM as well as Oracle JVMs. Extend unit tests to check direct and indirect ThreadLocal memory leak detection. Based on a patch provided by Rohit Kelapure. (markt)
add Add support for the WebSocket protocol (RFC6455). Both streaming and message based APIs are provided and the implementation currently fully passes the Autobahn test suite. Also included are several examples. A significant contribution to this new functionality was provided by Johno Crawford — particularly the examples. Contributions were also provided by Petr Praus, Jonathan Drake & Slávka. (markt)
fix When stopping a Context, ensure that any Servlets registered with JMX are unregistered. (markt)
code Make the implementation of Catalina.getParentClassLoader consistent with similar methods across the code base and have it return the system class loader if no parent class loader is set. (markt)
fix 52953: Ensure users can authenticate when using DIGEST authentication with digested passwords if the digested password is stored using upper case hexadecimal characters since DIGEST authentication expects digests to use lower case characters. Based on a patch provided by Neale Rudd. (markt)
fix 52957: Ensure that a Valve implements Lifecycle before calling any Lifecycle methods on that Valve. (markt)
fix 52958: Fix MBean descriptors for org.apache.catalina.realm package. (markt)
fix 52974: Fix NameNotFoundException when field/method is annotated with @Resource annotation. Patch provided by Violet Agg. (markt)
add Add support for multi-thread deployment in UserConfig. (kfujino)
fix Correctly register NIO sockets with poller after processing Comet events to ensure that no read events are missed. This fixes an intermittent issue observed in the unit tests. (fhanik/markt)
fix 52770: Fix a bug in the highly unlikely circumstance that an infinite timeout was specified for writing data to a client when using NIO. (markt)
fix 52858: Fix high CPU load with SSL, NIO and sendfile when client breaks the connection before reading all the requested data. (markt)
fix 52926: Avoid NPE when an NIO Comet connection times out on one thread at the same time as it is closed on another thread. (markt)
add Include port number when known in connector name when logging messages from connectors that use automatic free port allocation. (markt)
fix Don't try an unlock the acceptor thread if it is not locked. This is unlikely to impact normal usage but it does fix some unit test issues. (markt)
fix When using the APR connector ensure that any connections in a keep-alive state are closed when the connector is stopped rather than when the connector is destroyed. This is important when stop() followed by start() is called on the connector. (markt)
fix 52725: Use configurable package name for tags rather than hard-coded value so configuration actually works. (markt)
code 52758: Implement additional interface methods in Eclipse JDT integration required for Jasper to correctly with the latest Eclipse development code. (markt)
fix 52772: Ensure uriRoot is fully validated before it is used. Patch based on a suggestion by Eugene Chung. (markt)
fix 52776: Refactor the code so JspFragment.invoke cleans up after itself. Patch provided by Karl von Randow. (markt)
fix 52970: Take account of coercion rules when invoking methods via EL. (markt)
fix 52998: Partial fix. Remove static references to the EL expression factory and use per web application references instead. (markt)
fix 52998: Remainder of fix. Cache the class to use for the EL expression factory per class loader. (kkolinko)
fix 53001: Revert the fix for 46915 since the use case described in the bug is invalid since it breaks the EL specification. (markt)
fix Replicate principal in ClusterSingleSignOn. (kfujino)
Web applications
fix 52760: Fix expires filter mime type in javascript examples. (rjung)
fix 52842: Exception in MBeanDumper when dumping MBean for StandardThreadExecutor. (rjung)
update Bring built-in mime types for embedded Tomcat more in line with the ones defined in the default web.xml configuration file. (rjung)
add Add support to the JMXProxyServlet which is part of the Manager application for fetching a specific key from a CompositeData value. Updated documentation, so that the entire 'get' command for the JMX proxy servlet is documented, including the new optional 'key' parameter. (schultz/markt)
update Pool cleaner thread should be created using the classloader that loaded the pool, not the context loader (fhanik)
fix 52804: Make pool properties serializable and cloneable. (fhanik)
fix 51237 (r1302902): Slow Query Report should log using WARN level when queries are slow and within the threshold of caching it. (fhanik)
fix 52002 (r1302948): Add in configuration option to disallow connection reuse. (r1305862): useDisposableConnectionFacade is by default enabled (fhanik)
fix 52493 (r1302969): Java 7 DataSource method addition. (fhanik)
fix 51893 (r1302990): Throw an error and notification when pool is exhausted. (fhanik)
fix 50860 (r1303031): Add in option to configure logging for validation errors. (fhanik)
fix 52066 (r1305931): Add in configuration option, progagateInterruptState, to allow threads to retain the interrupt state. (fhanik)
fix 52750: Fix the way how parses command options so that more then one can be provided. (mturk)
update Rearrange validate-eoln target in build.xml so that it could be run ahead of compilation. (kkolinko)
update Update Apache Commons Daemon to 1.0.10. (mturk)
update Update the native component of the Tomcat APR/native connector to 1.1.23 and take advantage of the simplified distribution. (mturk)
update Update to Eclipse JDT Compiler 3.7.2. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.26 (markt)released 2012-02-21
code Provide constants for commonly used Charset objects and use these constants where appropriate. (markt)
fix Refactor the fix for 52184 to correct two issues (a missing class and incorrect class/method names) when using the extras logging packages. (markt)
fix 52444: Only load classes during HandlesTypes processing if the class is a match. Previously, every class in the web application was loaded regardless of whether it was a match or not. (markt)
fix 52488: Correct typo: exipre -> expire. (markt)
add Add a unit test for SSO authentication. Patch provided by Brian Burch. (markt)
fix 52511: Correct regression in the fix for 51741 that caused a harmless exception to be logged when scanning for annotations and WEB-INF/classes did not exist. (markt)
code Refactor to remove a circular dependency between org.apache.catalina and org.apache.naming. (markt)
code Remove some initialisation code from the standard start process (i.e. via the scripts) that was intended for embedding but is not required when performing a standard start.(markt)
add Add new method to MBeanFactory that allows any Valve to be created and deprecate the methods to create specific Valves. (markt)
add Partial sync of MIME type mapping with mime.types from the Apache web server. (rjung)
fix 52577: Fix a regression in the fix for 52328. Prevent output truncation when reset() is called on a response. (mark)
fix 52586: Remove an old and now unnecessary hack that modified the path info reported via the javax.servlet.forward.path_info request attribute when forwarding to an error page. (markt)
fix 52587: Ensure that if it is necessary to fall back to the default NullRealm, the NullRealm instance is created early enough for it to be correctly initialised. (markt)
fix Fix millisecond output in AccessLogValve when using a SimpleDateFormat based time pattern. (rjung)
fix 52591: When dumping MBean data, skip attributes where getters throw UnsupportedOperationException. (markt)
fix 52607: Ensure that the extension validator checks the JARs in the shared and common class loaders for extensions. (markt)
fix Correct a threading issue in the generation of the list of standard authenticators during Context initialization that could lead to a web application failing to start if Contexts were started in parallel. (markt)
fix 52669: Correct regression that broke annotation processing in /WEB-INF/classes for web applications deployed as WARs, packageless classes and some embedding scenarios. The regression was introduced by the invalid assumptions made in the fix for 51741. (markt)
fix 52671: When dumping MBean data, skip attributes where getters throw NullPointerException. (markt)
add 51543: Provide a meaningful error message when writing more response headers than permitted. (markt)
fix 52547: Ensure that bytes written (which is used by the access log) is correctly reset after an HTTP 1.0 request has been processed. (markt)
code Minor refactoring to reduce code duplication in the HTTP connectors. (markt)
fix 52606: Ensure that POST bodies are available for reply after FORM authentication when using the AJP connectors. (markt)
fix 52474: Ensure that leading and trailing white space is removed from listener class names when parsing TLD files. (markt)
fix 52480: When converting class path entries from URLs to files/directories, ensure that any URL encoded characters are converted. Fixes JSP compilation with javac when Tomcat is installed at a path that includes spaces. (markt)
fix 52666: Correct coercion order in EL when processing the equality and inequality operators. (markt)
Web applications
update Improve BUILDING.txt. Update instructions for building. Add instructions for using Checkstyle and running the tests. (kkolinko)
add 38216: Improve handling of null return values in the JMX proxy servlet which is part of the Manager application. (kkolinko)
fix 52515: Make it clear in the Realm how-to in the documentation web application that digested password storage when using DIGEST authentication requires that MD5 digests are used. (markt)
fix 52634: Fix typos in JSP examples. Patch provided by Felix Schumacher. (rjung)
fix 52641: Remove mentioning of ldap.jar from docs. Patch provided by Felix Schumacher. (rjung)
fix Fix code style issues and enable Checkstyle checks for jdbc-pool when it is built within Tomcat. (kkolinko)
fix 51582 Correct set and reset the query cache to avoid NPE (fhanik)
fix Update Commons Daemon to 1.0.9 to resolve 52548 which meant that services created with service.bat did not set the catalina.home and catalina.base system properties. (markt)
add Implement check for correct end-of-line characters in the source files. It is run as separate target in build.xml. (kkolinko)
Tomcat 7.0.25 (markt)released 2012-01-21
Web applications
fix Restore format of the first line of error message for JMX proxy servlet in case scripts were depending on it. (markt)
fix When building a Windows installer do not copy whole "res" folder to output/dist, but only the files that we need. Apply fixcrlf filter only after the files are copied, so that INSTALLLICENSE file had correct line ends. (kkolinko)
update Remove res/License.rtf. The file that is actually shown by the Windows installer is res/INSTALLLICENSE. (kkolinko)
add Automate the OpenPGP signature generation for the release process. (markt)
fix Don't exclude directories named target from the build process. (rjung)
Tomcat 7.0.24 (markt)not released
add 52184: Provide greater control over the logging of errors triggered by invalid input data (i.e. data over which Tomcat has no control). (markt/kkolinko)
fix 52225: Fix ClassCastException in an Alias added to existing host through JMX. (kkolinko)
fix Do not throw IllegalArgumentException from parseParameters() call when chunked POST request is too large, but treat it like an IO error. The FailedRequestFilter filter can be used to detect this condition. (kkolinko)
fix 52245: Don't allow web applications to package classes from the javax.el package. Patch provided by pid. (markt)
fix 52259: Fix regression caused by the addition of the threaded component start (46264) that triggered a deadlock on startup if no Realm was configured. (markt)
fix 52293: Correctly handle the case when antiResourceLocking is enabled at the Context level when unpackWARs is disabled at the Host level. Based on a patch by Justin Miller. (markt)
fix In ExtendedAccessLogValve when printing %-encoded value of a parameter, use UTF-8 encoding to convert parameter value to bytes instead of platform default encoding. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 52303: Allow web applications that do not have a login configuration to participate in a SSO session. Patch provided by Brian Burch. (markt)
fix 52316: When using sendfile, use the number of bytes requested to be written to the response in the access log valve for bytes written rather than recording a value of zero. (markt)
fix 52326: Reduce log level for class loading errors during @HandlesTypes processing to debug. (markt)
fix 52328: Improve performance when large numbers of single characters and/or small strings are written to the response via a Writer. (markt)
fix 52384: Do not fail with parameter parsing when debug logging is enabled. (kkolinko)
fix Do not flag extra '&' characters in parameters as parse errors. (kkolinko)
fix Reduce log level for the message about hitting maxParameterCount limit from WARN to INFO. (kkolinko)
fix 52387: Ensure that the correct host is used when configuring logging when Tomcat is embedded. Patch provided by David Calavera. (markt)
update 52405: Align the Servlet 3.0 implementation with the changes defined in the first maintenance release (also know as Rev. A). See the JCP documentation for a detailed list of changes. (markt)
fix Improve JMX names for objects related to Connectors that have the address attribute set. (markt)
fix Remove some stale attributes from MBeans. (rjung)
code Move destruction of ContainerBase objects to ContainerBase to ensure that they are destroyed. (markt)
fix 52443: Change the behaviour of the default Realm in the embedded use case so it is set once on the Engine rather than on every Context thereby avoiding the Lifecycle issues with having the same Realm set on multiple Contexts. (markt)
add Provide a new Realm implementation, the NullRealm, that does not contain any users and is used as the default Realm implementation (rather than the JAAS Realm which was used prior to this change) if no Realm is specified. (markt)
fix 52461: Don't assume file based URLs when checking last modified times for global and host level web.xml files. Patch provided by violetagg. (markt)
add Add test cases for the BASIC and NonLogin Authenticators when not using SSO. Patch provided by Brian Burch. (markt)
add 52028: Add support for automatic binding to a free port by a connector if the special value of zero is used for the port. This is mainly useful in embedded and testing scenarios. (markt)
update Remove obsolete emptySessionPath JMX attribute. (rjung)
fix Correct error in fix for 49683. (markt)
fix Ensure that the process of unlocking the acceptor thread does not trigger processing of the connection as if it were a valid request. (markt)
fix 52450: Add setter for entityResolver in ParserUtils. This is mainly useful when jasper and dtds are in different class loaders. (mturk)
fix 52321: Ensure that the order of multiple prelude/coda values for JSP pages is respected. (markt)
fix 52335: Only handle <\% and not \% as escaped in template text. (markt)
fix 52440: Ensure that when using ValueExpression.getValueReference() if the expression is an EL variable that the value returned is the ValueReference for the ValueExpression associated with the EL variable. (markt)
fix 52445: Don't assume that EL method expressions have exactly three components (identifier, method name, paramaters). (markt)
Web applications
add 38216: Add the ability to invoke MBean operations to the JMX proxy sevrlet in the Manager application. Based on a patch by Christopher Hlubek. (markt)
update Further clarify the relation between values used by RemoteIpValve and RemoteIpFilter and their use by AccessLogValve. (kkolinko)
fix 52243: Improve windows service documentation to clarify how to include # and/or ; in the value of an environment variable that is passed to the service. (markt)
fix 52366: Fix typo in VirtualWebappLoader documentation (configuration example). (rjung)
update Replace Bugzilla search link on ROOT/index.jsp page with one pointing to the bug reporting page of Tomcat site. (kkolinko)
update Move MBean dump code from JMXProxyServlet into a utility class. (rjung)
fix 52208: Fix threading issue that may lead to harmless NPE during shutdown that has occasionally been observed when running the unit tests. (markt)
fix 52213, 52354, 52355 and 52356: Fix some potential concurrency issues in FastQueue. (markt)
add r1207712: Pool cleaner should be a global thread, not spawn one thread per connection pool. (fhanik)
update Update Apache Commons Daemon to 1.0.8. (mturk)
update Update Apache Commons Pool to 1.5.7. (kkolinko)
fix Fix line ends in .gitignore files contained in source distributions. (rjung)
fix Run Mapper performance test twice if the first run took too long, to ignore occasional failures. (kkolinko)
fix Align .gitignore and build.xml exclude patterns with svn:ignore. (kkolinko)
fix Configure defaultexcludes for Ant 1.8.1/1.8.2. The .git and .gitignore patterns are in since Ant 1.8.2, but we include .gitignore in src distributions. (kkolinko)
add 52237: Allow JUnit logs to be generated in formats other than plain text. Patch provided by M Hasko. (markt/kkolinko)
fix Fix build condition for tomcat-dbcp to always rebuild whan a new version of commons-pool or commons-dbcp is downloaded. (kkolinko)
update Add example of configuration for SetCharacterEncodingFilter to the default web.xml file. (kkolinko)
update Switch unit tests to bind Connectors to localhost rather than all available IP addresses. (markt)
update Update to Eclipse JDT Compiler 3.7.1. (markt)
update Add Netbeans nbproject folder to svn:ignore and .gitignore. (rjung)
update Align .gitignore with trunk. (rjung)
Tomcat 7.0.23 (markt)released 2011-11-25
add 46264: Add the ability to start and stop containers (primarily Contexts) using a thread pool rather than a single thread. This can significantly improve start and stop time. Based on patches by Joe Kislo and Felix Schumacher. (markt)
fix 50570: Enable FIPS mode to be set in AprLifecycleListener. Based upon a patch from Chris Beckey. (schultz/kkolinko)
fix 51744: Throw the correct exception if an application attempts to modify the associated JNDI context. (markt)
add 51744: Add an option to the StandardContext that allows exception throwing when an application attempts to modify the associated JNDI context to be disabled. (markt)
fix 51910: Prevent NPE on connector stop if Comet applications are being used without the CometConnectionManagerValve. (markt)
fix 51940: Do not limit saving of request bodies during FORM authentication to POST requests since any HTTP method may include a request body. Based on a patch by Nicholas Sushkin. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 51956: RemoteAddrFilter used getRemoteHost instead of getRemoteAddr when filtering Comet events. (schultz)
fix 51952: Make the inclusion of a response body with a redirect response introduced to address 41718 optional and disabled by default due to the side-effects of including a body with the response in this case. (markt)
fix 51972: Correctly handle protocol relative URLs when used with sendRedirect(). (markt)
code Simplify the deployment code and use full paths in log messages to remove any ambiguity in where a context is being deployed from. (markt)
fix 52009: Fix a NPE during access log entry recording when an error occurred during the processing of a Comet request. (markt)
fix In OneLineFormatter log formatter in JULI always use the US locale to format the date (esp. the month names). (rjung)
add Cache the results of parsing the global and host level web.xml files to improve web application start time. (markt)
fix 52042: Correct threading issue in annotation caching that could lead to an NPE if multiple threads were processing the same class hierarchy for annotations. (markt)
fix Correct additional threading and premature clearance issues with the annotation cache. (markt)
fix Correct a regression in the fix for 49779 that parameters POSTed by an unauthenticated user to a page that required FORM authentication were lost during the authentication process. (markt)
fix 52055: Ensure that the input and output buffers are correctly reset between keep-alive requests when using Servlet 3.0 asynchronous request processing. (markt)
fix Ensure changes to the configuration of the RemoteHostValve and the RemoteAddrValve via JMX are thread-safe. (markt)
fix Ensure the the memory leak protection for the HttpClient keep-alive always operates even if the thread has already stopped. (markt)
code Remove the Java 1.2 specific error handling around the adding of the shutdown hook. (markt)
fix Correct errors in i18n resources and resource usage that meant some messages were either not used or were incorrectly formatted. (markt)
code Replace the use of deprecated auth method names from authenticator.Constants with the auth method names from HttpServletRequest. (kkolinko)
add Make configuration issues for security related Valves and Filters result in the failure of the valve or filter rather than just a warning message. (markt)
add Improve performance of parameter processing for GET and POST requests. Also add an option to limit the maximum number of parameters processed per request. This defaults to 10000. Excessive parameters are ignored. Note that FailedRequestFilter can be used to reject the request if some parameters were ignored. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 52091: Address performance issues related to lock contention in StandardWrapper. Patch provided by Taiki Sugawara. (markt)
code Switch to using Collections.enumeration() rather than custom code that does the same thing. (markt)
fix 52113: Don't assume presence of context.xml file with JMX deployment. (markt)
update In RequestFilterValve (RemoteAddrValve, RemoteHostValve): refactor value matching logic into separate method and expose this new method isAllowed through JMX. (kkolinko)
fix 52156: Ensure that getServletContext().getResource(path) returns the correct resource when path contains /../ sequences or any other sequences that require normalization. (markt)
add Report existence of HTTP request parameter parsing errors via new special ServletRequest attribute, org.apache.catalina.parameter_parse_failed. (kkolinko)
add New filter FailedRequestFilter that will reject a request if there were errors during HTTP parameter parsing. (kkolinko)
update Improve special attributes handling in Request object by using hash table lookup instead of series of string comparisons. (kkolinko)
code Deprecate unused methods in IntrospectionUtils class. (kkolinko)
fix Improve processing of errors that are wrapped in InvocationTargetException. Rethrow fatal errors that must be rethrown. (kkolinko)
fix Improve handling of failed web application deployments during automatic deployment. Once deployment of a web application fails in one form (e.g. WAR), no further attempt (e.g. directory) will be made to deploy that web application. The base Lifecycle implementation has been improved to allow failed web applications to be started once the configuration issues have been resolved. Any changes to a context.xml file (global, per host or web application specific) will now result in a redeploy of the affected web application(s) that ensures that any changes are correctly applied rather than a reload which ignores changes in context.xml files. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 52173: Improve Javadoc for delegate attribute of WebappClassLoader. Based on a patch by bmargulies. (markt)
add Add denyStatus attribute to RequestFilterValve (RemoteAddrValve, RemoteHostValve valves) and RequestFilter (RemoteAddrFilter, RemoteHostFilter filters). It allows to use different HTTP response code when rejecting denied request. E.g. 404 instead of 403. (kkolinko)
fix Slightly improve performance of UDecoder.convert(). Align %2f handling between implementations. (kkolinko)
fix 51881: Correctly complete Comet requests when the Comet END event is triggered asynchronously. (markt)
fix 51905: Fix infinite loop in AprEndpoint shutdown if acceptor unlock fails. Reduce timeout before forcefully closing the socket from 30s to 10s. (kkolinko)
fix 51912: Fix HTTP header processing in NIO HTTP connector. (kkolinko)
fix Improve MimeHeaders.toString(). (kkolinko)
fix Fix threading issue in NIO connectors during shutdown that meant Comet connections were not always shut down cleanly. (markt)
add In HTTP connectors: self-guard against using a non-recycled input buffer. Requests will be rejected with response status 400. (kkolinko)
fix 52121: Fix possible output corruption when compression is enabled for a connector and the response is flushed. Includes a test case provided by David Marcks. (kkolinko/markt)
fix Improve multi-byte character handling in Coyote output for HTTP and AJP. (rjung)
add Refactor acceptor unlock code to reduce waiting time during connector pause and stop. (markt)
fix Correct possible (but very small) memory leak when using maxLoadedJsps to limit the number of JSPs loaded at any one time. (markt)
fix 52051: Better handling of missing resource problems with non-standard Servlet mappings so that a 404 response is returned to the client rather than a 500 response. (markt)
fix 52091: Address performance issues related to log creation in TagHandlerPool. Patch provided by Taiki Sugawara. (markt)
code Switch to using Collections.enumeration() rather than custom code that does the same thing. (markt)
fix Avoid an unnecessary session ID change notice. Notice of changed session ID by JvmRouteBinderValve is unnecessary to BackupManager. In BackupManager, change of session ID is replicated by the call of a setId() method. (kfujino)
fix Fix duplicate resetDeltaRequest() call in DeltaSession.setId(String). (kkolinko)
fix Work around a known JVM bug that is fixed in 1.7.0_01 but still present in 1.6.0_29 and was triggering intermittent unit test failures for TestGroupChannelMemberArrival.testMemberArrival. The bug affects any components that use NIO although it was more likely to be observed in the clustering module than the HTTP or AJP NIO connector. (markt)
add When Context manager does not exist, no context manager message is replied in order to avoid timeout (default 60sec) of GET_ALL_SESSIONS sync phase. (kfujino)
fix Fix setting maxInactiveInterval, sessionIdLength and processExpiresFrequency for cluster managers. Use setter when setting maxActiveSessions. (rjung)
Web applications
add 50923: Use distinct background color for code tag in Tomcat documentation, for better readability. (kkolinko)
fix 51630: Fix bug in async0 example that triggered an IllegalStateException in the application log. (markt)
add 52025: Add additional information regarding DriverManager, the service provider mechanism and memory leaks. (markt)
fix 52049: Improve setup instructions for running as a Windows service: remove references to specific Windows operating systems - it easily becomes dated; correct information on how a JRE is identified and selected. (markt)
update 52172: Clarify Tomcat build instructions. Patch provided by bmargulies. (kkolinko)
fix 52015: In jdbc-pool: JdbcInterceptor passes not 'this' but 'proxy' to getNext().invoke. (kfujino)
fix In jdbc-pool: Improve handling of Errors that originate from methods invoked through reflection. In TrapException interceptor: rethrow Error as is, without wrapping it in a RuntimeException. (kkolinko)
fix In jdbc-pool: Unwrap InvocationTargetException if it is caught in ResultSetProxy, like we do it elsewhere. (kkolinko)
fix When building jdbc-pool from within Tomcat, use Tomcat's output directory location. This allows to move all build output away from the source tree. (kkolinko)
update Update the package re-named copy of Commons BCEL (formerly Jakarta BCEL) to the latest code from Commons BCEL trunk. (markt)
code Remove some unused code from the packaged renamed Commons BCEL. (markt)
fix 52059: In Windows uninstaller: Do not forget to remove Tomcat keys from 32-bit registry on deinstallation. (kkolinko)
code Start the process of deprecating unused and unnecessary code that will be removed in the next major release (8.0.x). (markt)
update Ignore .git directory when building the source distributive. (markt)
update Remove trailing whitespace from the default configuration files. (kkolinko)
update Improve RUNNING.txt. (kkolinko)
update Update optional Checkstyle library to 5.5. (kkolinko)
add In test suite: add LoggingBaseTest class to allow use of Tomcat logging configuration in tests that do not start Tomcat. (kkolinko)
fix In test suite: speed up TestGroupChannelSenderConnections. Remove 48 seconds worth of waits. (kkolinko)
fix 52148: Add tomcat-coyote.jar to catalina-tasks.xml as this JAR is now required by the Ant tasks. Patch provided by Volker Krebs. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.22 (markt)released 2011-10-01
fix 51550: An additional change that ensures any exceptions thrown by an Authenticator (or any other Valve configured for the Context) will be handled by the custom error pages for the Context if an appropriate error page is configured. (markt)
fix 51580: Added a nicer error message when a WAR file contains filenames not properly encoded in UTF-8. (schultz)
fix 51687: Added (optional) protection against sun.java2d.Disposer thread pinning a WebappClassLoader into memory in the JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener. (schultz)
add 51741: Fixes a problem with Eclipse WTP "Serve modules without publishing" feature where applications failed to access resources when using getResource() on the classloader. (slaurent)
fix 51744: Prevent application code from closing the associated JNDI context while the application is running. (markt)
fix Correct a regression with the fix for 51653 that broke custom error pages for 4xx responses from the Authenticators. Error handling and request listeners are now handled in the StandardHostValve to ensure they wrap all Context level activity. (markt)
fix 51758: The digester (used for processing XML files) used the logger name org.apache.commons.digester.Digester rather than the expected org.apache.tomcat.util.digester.Digester. The digester has been changed to use the expected logger name. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 51774: Fix incorrect cached method signature that prevented session tracking modes from being defined in web.xml when running under a security manager. (markt)
add Add an annotation cache to the DefaultInstanceManager that improves performance for applications that make use of a lot of non-poolable objects (e.g. tag files) that need to be scanned for annotations when created. (markt)
fix Use the specification compliant request attribute of javax.servlet.request.ssl_session_id to access the SSL session ID and deprecated the Tomcat specific request attribute. (markt)
add Allow to overwrite the check for distributability of session attributes by session implementations. (rjung)
update Add Java 7 sunec.jar and zipfs.jar to the list of JARs to skip when scanning for TLDs and web fragments. (rjung)
add 51862: Added a classesToInitialize attribute to JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener to allow pre-loading of configurable classes to avoid some classloader leaks. (slaurent)
fix Reduce visibility of static field and make it final. (kkolinko)
update Add thread name to juli OneLineFormatter. (rjung)
fix Ensure Servlets that implement ContainerServlet always get treated as restricted. (markt)
fix 51872: Ensure that the access log always uses the correct value for the remote IP address associated with the request and that requests with multiple errors do not result in multiple entries in the access log. (markt)
code Remove unused and undocumented socketCloseDelay attribute from NIO connector. (markt)
fix 49683: Support separate connection and keep-alive timeouts for the APR/native connector HTTP and AJP connectors. (markt)
code Further re-factoring of the HTTP connectors to align the BIO, NIO and APR implementations. (markt)
fix 51794: Fix race condition in NioEndpoint. (fhanik)
fix 51811: Correct SSL configuration property name from sslImplemenationName to sslImplementationName. (rjung)
fix Fix a timing issue in NIO connector that meant that stopping a connector did not trigger a Comet END event if the associated processor was processing a READ event when the connector was stopped. (markt)
fix Replace unneeded call that iterated events queue in NioEndpoint.Poller. (kkolinko)
fix 51860: Fix issues if using NIO with a custom SSLImplementation. Based on a suggestion by Roman Tsirulnikov. (markt)
fix Allow the BIO HTTP connector to be used with SSL when running under Java 7. (markt)
update Don't send AJP CPONG if endpoint is already paused. (rjung)
update Align APR AJP connector with NIO one. Send 503 if endpoint is paused. (rjung)
update Accept AJP request even if endpoint is paused, if CPING was successful. (rjung)
fix When unloading JSPs due to configuration of the maxLoadedJsps initialisation parameter, the unloading code was retaining a reference to the to the unloaded JSP preventing the associated class from being unloaded until the JSP that replaced it was itself unloaded. (markt)
fix 51852: Correct two problems in the handling of varargs methods with the BeanELResolver. The first meant the wrong method was sometimes called and the second that an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions could be thrown. Patch (including a test case) provided by Matt Benson. (markt)
update Refactor cluster manager configuration: move handling of common attributes to base class. (kfujino, rjung)
add New cluster manager attribute sessionAttributeFilter allows to filter which session attributes are replicated using a regular expression applied to the attribute name. (rjung)
Web applications
fix Correct the documentation for connectionLinger attribute for the AJP and HTTP connectors. (markt)
update Document caveat of using RemoteAddrValve with IPv6 addresses. (kkolinko)
fix In jdbc-pool: Avoid IllegalArgumentException when setting maxActive less than or equal to 0. ArrayBlockingQueue doesn't allow capacity of 0 or less. (kfujino)
fix 48392 (r1169796): Fix typo in StatementDecoratorInterceptor. (fhanik)
fix 51139: In jdbc-pool: validatorClassName and suspectTimeout are ignored. In order to support them correctly, validatorClassName and suspectTimeout are added to a property list. (kfujino)
fix 51786: In jdbc-pool: Discarded connection is not active in a pool any longer. It removes from the active connection list. (kfujino)
fix 51871: Fix dependency in Maven POM file of tomcat-jbdc. (kkolinko)
update Update the "test" target in the default build file to report a test failure only after all available connector variants (bio, nio, apr) have been tested. Do not stop after first connector that fails. (kkolinko)
update 51887: When running the unit tests, use a fast but insecure random number source for session ID generation to reduce the delays caused by waiting for entropy. (kkolinko/markt)
code Code clean-up to further reduce the number of warnings reported by Eclipse, FindBugs and CheckStyle. (markt/kkolinko)
Tomcat 7.0.21 (markt)released 2011-09-01
add 41718: Include a response body when sending a redirect. (markt)
add 51640: Improve the memory leak prevention for leaks triggered by java.sql.DriverManager. (markt)
fix 51644: Fix annotation scanning for contexts with a multi-level context path such as /a/b. (markt)
fix Unregisters MBean of DataSource when web application stops. (kfujino)
fix 51650: Code clean-up. Patch provided by Felix Schumacher. (markt)
fix 51653: Move application level error page handling from the Host to the Context. This ensures that application error page handling is completed before the requestDestroyed event of any ServletRequestListener is fired. (markt)
fix 51654: Improve handling of invalid appBase settings for Host elements. (markt)
fix 51658: Fix possible NPE when logging a failed request. Based on a suggestion by Felix Schumacher. (markt)
fix 51688: JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener now protects against AWT thread creation. (schultz)
fix 51712: Ensure cache control headers are sent when appropriate even if the request is secure. Patch provided by Michael Zampani. (markt)
fix 51713: Improve message that is logged if there is an error in the value of protocol in a Connector. (kkolinko)
fix 51739: When using a landing page with FORM authentication ensure that the request has a valid HTTP method. (markt)
fix 51641: Use correct key when removing processor instances from the connections map during clean-up. Patch provided by zhh. (mark)
fix More changes to align the code between the different HTTP connectors. (markt)
fix Ensure AjpMessage headers are correct for the direction of the message. (markt)
code Code clean-up and re-factoring to reduce duplicate code in the AJP processor implementations. (markt)
add Detect incomplete AJP messages and reject the associated request if one is found. (markt)
fix 51698: Fix CVE-2011-3190. Prevent AJP message injection. (markt)
fix 41673: Use platform line-endings when reporting compilation errors. (markt)
add 51736: Make rpcTimeout configurable in BackupManager. (kfujino)
Web applications
fix 51649: Update the documentation web application to include the ThreadLocal leak prevention listener. (markt)
add 51583 (r1157874, r1162102): Fix shutdown delay in jdbc-pool. (fhanik/kkolinko)
fix 51558: Don't force the use of StandardManager when using any of the Tomcat#addWebapp() methods. (markt)
fix 51704: Make use of File#mkdirs() more robust. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.20 (markt)released 2011-08-11
fix Corrected missing comma in the value of jarsToSkip property in conf/ file, which caused tomcat-jdbc.jar and commons-beanutils*.jar to be not ignored when scanning jars for tag libraries. (kkolinko)
fix 41709: Provide exception messages where no message is provided currently for IllegalStateExcpetions triggered by calling HttpServletResponse methods when the reponse is committed. (markt)
fix 51509: Fix potential concurrency issue in CSRF prevention filter that may lead to some requests failing that should not. (markt)
fix 51518: Correct error in web.xml parsing rules for the <others/> tag when using absolute ordering. (markt)
add Move the SetCharacterEncoding filter from the examples web application to the org.apache.catalina.filters package so it is available for all web applications. (markt)
fix 51550: Internal errors in Tomcat components that process requests before they are passed to a web application, such as Authenticators, now return a 500 response rather than a 200 response. (markt)
fix 51555: Allow destroy() to be called on Lifecycle components that are in the initialized state. (markt)
add Add x-threadname pattern format token to ExtendedAccessLogValve to log the current request thread name. Based on a patch from Felix Schumacher. (timw)
fix 51584: Ensure file paths are encoded/decoded when translated to/from URLs when working with resources from a Context so special characters don't cause issues. (markt)
fix 51586: Expand error handling to cover anything that is recoverable (or might be recoverable) when loading classes during HandlesTypes processing. (markt)
fix 51588: Make it easier to extend the AccessLogValve to add support for custom elements. (markt)
fix Ensure that calls to StandardWrapper methods() that may trigger creation of a Servlet instance always do so in way that correctly instantiates a Servlet instance. (markt)
fix In JDBCStore: Committing connection if autoCommit is false. Make sure committed connection is returned to the pool if datasource is enabled. (kfujino)
add Split condition attribute of AccessLogValve into two, conditionIf and conditionUnless. Implement conditional logging that logs only if a request attribute is present. (kkolinko)
fix Allow to have several AccessLogValve instances in the same scope (e.g. in the same Context). (kkolinko)
fix 51610: If an unchecked exception occurs during a lifecycle transition (e.g. web application start) ensure that the component is put into the failed state. (markt)
fix 51614: Avoid calling store.load() and session.expire() twice in PersistentManager when expiring sessions. (kfujino)
fix Prevent spurious log warnings on container stop if a child component has previously failed. (markt)
fix Add missing getter and setter for the alwaysUseSession attribute of the authenticators. (markt)
fix 49595: Prevent JVM crash with the AJP APR connector when flushing a closed socket. (jfclere)
fix 50394: Return -1 instead of throwing an exception when encountering an EOF while processing an input stream with the HTTP APR connector. (jfclere)
fix Correctly handle a connectionTimeout value of -1 (no timeout) for the HTTP NIO and AJP NIO connectors. (markt)
fix 51503: Add additional validation that prevents a connector from starting if it does not have a port > 0. (markt)
fix 51557: Ignore HTTP headers that do not comply with RFC 2616 and use header names that are not tokens. (markt)
add Improve error handling for HTTP APR if an error occurs while using sendfile. (markt)
fix Ensure that when using sendfile, HTTP APR sockets are not added to multiple pollers. This may cause errors during shutdown. (markt)
update Set reuse flag of final AJP END_RESPONSE packet to 0 if we plan to close the connection. (rjung)
update Correctly indicate if socket is closing when calling recycle for the AJP NIO processor. Note since the flag is unused in this case there were no bugs triggered by the re-factoring error. (rjung)
fix 51532: JSP files with dependencies in JARs were recompiled on every access leading to poor performance. (markt)
fix 51544: Correctly resolve bean methods in EL so accessible methods that are overridden by inaccessible methods do not cause an IllegalAccessException. (markt)
Web applications
fix 41498: Add the allRolesMode attribute to the Realm configuration page in the documentation web application. (markt)
fix 48997: Fixed some typos and correct cross-referencing to the HTTP Connector documentation with the SSL How-To page of the documentation web application. (markt)
fix 49122: Improvements and fixes for index page for ROOT web application. Based on a patch provided by pidster. (markt)
fix 51516: Correct documentation web application to show correct system property name for changing the name of the SSO session cookie. (markt)
update Configure the Manager and Host Manager web applications with the Set Character Encoding Filter to make the default request character encoding UTF-8 to improve i18n support. Note that best results will be obtained if the connector is also configured with URIEncoding="UTF-8".(markt)
update Update the documentation web application to be even more explicit about the implications of setting the path attribute on a Context element in server.xml. (markt)
fix 51561: Update the Realm page within the documentation web application to recommend the use of digest.[bat|sh] to generate digests rather than calling RealmBase directly. (markt)
fix 51567: Update the class loading page of the documentation web application to include information on the search order for the common class loader when separate values are used for $CATALINA_HOME and $CATALINA_BASE. (markt)
update Improve class loading documentation and logging documentation. (kkolinko)
add Add information to the security page of the the documentation web application for the ciphers attribute of the Connector element. (markt)
fix 51503: Add additional validation to Windows installer that ensure that the shutdown port, HTTP port and AJP port are all specified during the install process. (markt)
fix 51531: Update sample Eclipse classpath file to reflect updated ECJ jar. Patch provided by Ian Brandt. (markt)
update Convert Tomcat unit tests to JUnit 4. (kkolinko)
update Update optional CheckStyle library to 5.4. (kkolinko)
update Remove resolveHosts attribute from AccessLogValve configuration in the default server.xml. It was documented in 7.0.19 that it has no effect. (kkolinko)
update Simplify mapping for jsp servlet in the default web.xml. (kkolinko)
fix Correctly handle uninstall with the Windows installer if the service is installed with a name that contains a '-' character. (markt)
fix 51598: Prevent direct invocation of the Windows uninstaller without a service name from executing since the uninstall will not be complete. (markt)
fix Use Tomcat icon (cat) instead of Apache Commons Daemon (feather) one in the list of uninstallable programs on Windows. (kkolinko)
update Update to Apache Commons Daemon 1.0.7. (markt)
fix 51621: Add additional required JARs to the deployer distribution. (markt)
fix Fix a small number of warnings reported by FindBugs. (markt)
update Update to version 1.1.22 of the native component for the AJP APR/native and HTTP APR/native connectors. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.19 (markt)released 2011-07-19
add Add option to activate access log for unit tests. (rjung)
fix Fix regression in year number formatting for AccessLogValve. (rjung)
add 46252: Allow to specify character set to be used to write the access log in AccessLogValve. (kkolinko)
fix 51494: Prevent an NPE when a long running request completes if the associated web application was destroyed while the request was processing. (markt)
update Allow choosing a locale for timestamp formatting in AccessLogValve. (rjung)
fix When generating access logs for errors, log at the Context/Host level if a Context or Host can be identified for the failed request. (markt)
update Create a directory for access log or error log (in AccessLogValve and in JULI FileHandler) automatically when it is specified as a part of the file name, e.g. in the prefix attribute. Earlier this happened only if it was specified with the directory attribute. (kkolinko)
fix Log a failure if access log file cannot be opened. (kkolinko)
fix Use en_US as locale for timestamps in ExtendedAccessLogValve. (rjung)
fix Use en_US as locale for creationdate in WebdavServlet. (rjung)
update 51477: Support all SSL protocol combinations in the APR/native connector. This only works when using the native library version 1.1.21 or later, which is not yet released. (rjung)
update Various refactorings to reduce code duplication and unnecessary code in the connectors. (markt)
fix Correct regression introduced in 7.0.17 that triggered 400 entries in the AccessLog when using the AJP/BIO connector. (markt)
fix Fix regression producing invalid MBean names when using IPV6 addresses for connectors. (rjung)
fix Add missing thread name in RequestProcessor when Servlet 3 Async is used. Fixes null thread name in access log and JMX MBean. (rjung)
fix Fix CVE-2011-2526. Protect against infinite loops (HTTP NIO) and crashes (HTTP APR) if sendfile is configured to send more data than is available in the file. (markt)
fix Prevent NPEs when a socket is closed in non-error conditions after sendfile processing when using the HTTP NIO connector. (markt)
update Remove unnecessary server.xml parsing code for old cluster implementation that does not ship as part of Tomcat 7. (markt)
Web applications
add Add additional information to the documentation web application on the benefits and remaining risks when running under a security manager. (markt)
fix 51490: Correct broken HTML in JSP tag plugin examples and improve the <c:if> example to make failures more obvious. Based on suggestions by Charles. (markt)
add Document ExtendedAccessLogValve. (rjung)
fix Correct default value of enableLookups for connectors and mention, that resolveHosts for the AccessLogValve is replaced by enableLookups. (rjung)
add Include jdbc-pool into Tomcat release. (fhanik)
update Update to Apache Commons Daemon 1.0.6. (markt)
update Update to Eclipse JDT Compiler 3.7. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.18 (markt)not released
fix Correct regression introduced in 7.0.17 that triggered an NPE if a CrawlerSessionManagerValve was used without setting crawlerUserAgents. (markt)
fix 51466: Correct comment typos in HostManagerServlet. Patch provided by Felix Schumacher. (markt)
fix 51467: Invoke Thread.start() rather than so that listeners and filters are stopped in a separate thread rather than the current thread. Patch provided by Felix Schumacher. (markt)
fix 51473: Fix concatenation of values in SecurityConfig.setSecurityProperty(). (kkolinko)
fix Fix response.encodeURL() for the special case of an absolute URL with no path segment (http://name). (rjung)
fix Correct regression caused by connector re-factoring that made AJP APR/native connector very unstable on Windows platforms. (markt)
fix Correct regression caused by connector re-factoring that meant that sendfile data was not reset between pipe-lined HTTP requests. (markt)
update Re-factor tests to align packages for tests with the classes under test. Start to convert non-JUnit tests to JUnit. Remove unnecessary code. (markt)
fix Add synchronization to receiver socket binding to prevent test failures on Linux. (markt)
fix More code clean-up to remove unused code and reduce IDE warnings. (markt/kkolinko)
update Further improvements to the Windows installer. (markt/kkolinko)
Tomcat 7.0.17 (markt)not released
add 48956: Add regular expression support for SSI. (markt)
add 49165: Allow any time stamp formats supported by SimpleDateFormat in AccessLogValve. Support logging begin and/or end of request. (rjung)
add 50677: Allow system property variables to be used in the values of "common.loader" and other "*.loader" properties in the file. (kkolinko)
fix 51376: When adding a Servlet via ServletContext#addServlet(String, Servlet), the Servlet was not initialized when the web application started and a load on startup value was set. (markt)
fix 51386: Correct code for processing @HandlesTypes annotations so only types of interest are reported to a ServletContainerInitializer. (markt)
update Add the Tomcat extras, ant-junit and Java Help Jars to the list of JARs to skip when scanning for TLDs and web fragments. (rjung)
fix The fix for bug 51310 caused a regression that re-introduced bug 49957 and deleted the contents of the work directory when Tomcat was shutdown. This fix ensures that that work directory for an application is not deleted when Tomcat is shutdown. (markt)
fix Correct issues with JULI's OneLineFormatter including: correctly re-using formatted timestamps when possible; thread-safety issues in timestamp formatting; correcting the output of any milliseconds to include leading zeros and formatting any parameters present. (kkolinko/markt/rjung)
fix 51395: Fix memory leak triggered when an application that includes a SAXParserFactory is the first web application to be loaded. (markt)
fix 51396: Correctly handle jsp-file entries in web.xml when the JSP servlet has been configured via code when embedding Tomcat. (markt)
fix 51400: Avoid known bottleneck in JVM when converting between Strings and bytes by always providing a Charset rather than an encoding name. Based on a patch by Dave Engberg. (markt)
fix 51401: Correctly initialise shared WebRuleSet instance used by the digesters that parse web.xml and prevent incorrect warnings about multiple occurrences of elements that are only allowed to appear once in web.xml and web-fragment.xml. (kfujino)
add 51403: Avoid NPE in JULI FileHandler if formatter is misconfigured. (kkolinko)
fix Previous improvements in JAR scanning performance introduced a start-up performance penalty for some use cases. This fix addresses those performance penalties while retaining the original improvements. (markt)
add 51418: Provide more control over Context creation when embedding Tomcat. Based on a patch by Benson Margulies. (markt/kkolinko)
fix Remove redundant copy of from o.a.c.startup. Generate this copy for inclusion in bin and src jars during the ant "compile" task. (rjung)
fix Use system properties loaded from via the class path in unit tests. (rjung)
update Improve JMX unit test. (rjung)
fix Fix IllegalStateException for JavaScript files when switching from Writer to OutputStream. The special handling of this case in the DefaultServlet was broken due to a MIME type change for JavaScript. (funkman)
fix Fix CVE-2011-2204. Prevent user passwords appearing in log files if a runtime exception (e.g. OOME) occurs while creating a new user for a MemoryUserDatabase via JMX. (markt)
fix Fix an issue with the CrawlerSessionManagerValve that meant sessions were not always correctly tracked. (markt)
fix 51436: Send 100 (Continue) response earlier to enable ServletRequestListener implementations to read the request body. Based on a patch by Simon Olofsson. (markt)
fix Ensure an access log entry is made if an error occurs during asynchronous request processing and the socket is immediately closed. (markt)
fix Ensure that if asyncDispatch() is called during an onTimeout event and the target Servlet does not call startAsync() or complete() that Tomcat calls complete() once the target Servlet exits. (markt)
fix Improve the handling for Servlets that implement the deprecated SingleThreadModel when embedding Tomcat. (markt)
fix 51445: Correctly initialise all instances of Servlets that implement SingleThreadModel. Based on a patch by Felix Schumacher. (markt)
fix 51453: Fix a regression in the preemptive authentication support (enhancement 12428) that could trigger authentication even if preemptive authentication was disabled. (markt)
fix Prevent possible NPE when serving Servlets that implement the SingleThreadModel interface. (markt)
fix In launcher for embedded Tomcat: do not change catalina.home system property if it had a value. (kkolinko)
fix When using Servlets that implement the SingleThreadModel interface, add the single instance created to the pool when it is determined that a pool of servlets is required rather than throwing it away. (markt)
fix Fix unit test for bindOnInit which was failing for APR on some platforms. (rjung)
fix Remove superfluous quotes from thread names for connection pools. (rjung)
fix Fix crash observed during pausing the connector when using APR. Only add socket to poller if we are sure we don't close it later. (rjung)
update Various refactorings to reduce code duplication and unnecessary code in the connectors. (markt)
fix Correct a regression introduced in Apache Tomcat 7.0.11 that broke certificate revocation list handling. (markt)
update Improve the message printed by TldLocationsCache and add configuration example to the file. (kkolinko)
fix 33453: Recompile JSPs if last modified time of the source or any of its dependencies changes either forwards or backwards. Note that this introduces an incompatible change to the code generated for JSPs. Tomcat will automatically re-compile any JSPs and tag files found in the work directory when upgrading from 7.0.16 or earlier to 7.0.17 or later. If you later downgrade from 7.0.17 or later to 7.0.16 or earlier, you must empty the work directory as part of the downgrade process. (markt)
fix 36362: Handle the case where tag file attributes (which can use any valid XML name) have a name which is not a Java identifier. (markt/kkolinko)
add Broaden the exception handling in the EL Parser so that more failures to parse an expression include the failed expression in the exception message. Hopefully, this will help track down the cause of 51088. (markt)
fix 51306: Avoid NPE when handleSESSION_EXPIRED is processed while handleSESSION_CREATED is being processed. (kfujino)
fix Notifications of changes in session ID to other nodes in the cluster should be controlled by notifySessionListenersOnReplication rather than notifyListenersOnReplication. (markt)
fix The change in session ID is notified to the container event listener on the backup node in cluster. This notification is controlled by notifyContainerListenersOnReplication.(kfujino)
Web applications
fix Update Maven repository information in the documentation to reflect current usage. (markt)
add 43538: Add host name and IP address to the HTML Manager application. Patch by Dennis Lundberg. (markt)
fix Add session="false" directive to the index page of the ROOT web application. (kkolinko)
fix 51443: Document the notifySessionListenersOnReplication attribute for the DeltaManager. (markt)
fix 51447: Viewing a back up session in the HTML Manager web application no longer changes the session to a primary session. Based on a patch provided by Eiji Takahashi. (markt)
fix 33262: Install monitor to auto-start for current user only rather than all users to be consistent with menu item creation. (markt)
add 40510: Provide an option to install shortcuts for the current user or all users. Also ensure registry is correctly cleaned on uninstall for 64-bit platforms. (markt)
add 50949: Provide the ability to specify the AJP port and service name when installing Tomcat using the Windows installer. This permits multiple instances of the same Tomcat version to be installed side-by-side. (markt)
update Clean up shell and batch scripts (improve consistency, clarify comments, add configtest command support for Windows). (rjung)
fix 51206: Make CATALINA_BASE visible for (rjung)
update Remove unnecessary variable BASEDIR from scripts. (rjung)
fix 51425, 51450: Update Spanish translations. Based on patches provided by Jesus Marin. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.16 (markt)released 2011-06-17
fix 51249: Further improve system property replacement code in ClassLoaderLogManager of Tomcat JULI to cover some corner cases. (kkolinko)
fix 51264: Improve the previous fix for this issue by returning the connection to the pool when not in use so it does not appear to be an abandoned connection. Patch provided by Felix Schumacher. (markt)
fix 51324: Improve handling of exceptions when flushing the response buffer to ensure that the doFlush flag does not get stuck in the enabled state. Patch provided by Jeremy Norris. (markt)
fix Correct a regression in the fix for 51278 that prevented any web application from being marked as distributable. (kfujino/markt)
fix Correct a regression in the fix for 51278 that prevented a web application from overriding the default welcome files. (markt)
fix Enable remaining valves for Servlet 3 asynchronous processing support. (markt)
fix Avoid possible NPE when logging requests received during embedded Tomcat shutdown. (markt)
fix 51340: Fix thread-safety issue when parsing multiple web.xml files in parallel. Apache Tomcat does not do this but products that embed it may. (markt)
fix 51344: Fix problem with Lifecycle re-factoring for deprecated embedded class that prevented events being triggered. (markt)
fix 51348: Prevent possible NPE when processing WebDAV locks. (markt)
fix When parsing the port in the HTTP host header, restrict the value to be base 10 integer digits rather than hexadecimal ones. (rjung/markt/kkolinko)
update Various refactorings to reduce code duplication and unnecessary code in the connectors. (markt)
update Change JAR scanning log messages where no TLDs are found to DEBUG level and replace the multiple messages with a single INFO level message that indicates that at least one JAR was scanned needlessly and how to obtain more info. (markt)
fix Enable Servlet 3 asynchronous processing support when using clustering. (markt)
Web applications
fix Correct the log4j configuration settings when defining conversion patterns in the documentation web application. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.15 (markt)not released
fix 27122: Remove a workaround for a very old and since fixed Mozilla bug and change the default value of the securePagesWithPragma attribute of the Authenticator Valves to false. These changes should reduce the likelihood of issues when downloading files with IE. (markt)
fix 35054: Check that a file is not specified for a Host's appBase and log an error if it is. (markt)
fix 51197: Fix possible dropped connection when sendError or sendRedirect are used during async processing. (markt)
fix 51221: Correct Spanish translation of text used in a 302 response. Patch provided by Paco Soberón. (markt)
fix 51249: Correct ClassLoaderLogManager system property replacement code so properties of the form "}${...}" can be used without error. (markt)
fix 51264: Allow the JDBC persistent session store to use a JNDI datasource to define the database in which sessions are persisted. Patch provided by Felix Schumacher. (markt)
fix 51274: Add missing i18n strings in PersistentManagerBase. Patch provided by Eiji Takahashi. (markt)
fix 51276: Provide an abstraction for accessing content in JARs so the most efficient method can be selected depending on the type of URL used to identify the JAR. This improves startup time when JARs are located in $CATALINA_BASE/lib. (markt)
fix 51277: Improve error message if an application is deployed with an incomplete FORM authentication configuration. (markt)
fix 51278: Allow ServletContainerInitializers to override settings in the global default web.xml and the host web.xml. (markt)
fix 51310: When stopping the Server object on shutdown call destroy() after calling stop(). (markt)
add 51145: Add an AJP-NIO connector. (markt/rjung)
add 51220: Add a system property to enable tag pooling with JSPs that use a custom base class. Based on a patch by Dan Mikusa. (markt)
add Include a comment header in generated java files that indicates when the file was generated and which version of Tomcat generated it. (markt)
fix 51240: Ensure that maxConnections limit is enforced when multiple acceptor threads are configured. (markt)
fix 51230: Add missing attributes to JMX for ReplicationValve and JvmRouteBinderValve. Patch provided by Eiji Takahashi. (markt)
Web applications
add Add documentation for AJP-NIO connector. (markt/rjung)
fix 51182: Document JAAS supported added in 51119. Patch provided by Neil Laurance. (markt)
fix 51225: Fix broken documentation links for non-English locales in the HTML Manager application. Patch provided by Eiji Takahashi. (markt)
fix 51229: Fix bugs in the Servlet 3.0 asynchronous examples. Patch provided by Eiji Takahashi. (markt)
fix 51251: Add web application version support to the Ant tasks. Based on a patch provided by Eiji Takahashi. (markt)
fix 51294: Clarify behaviour of unpackWAR attribute of StandardContext components. (markt)
fix 46451: Configure svn:bugtraq properties for Tomcat trunk. Based on a patch provided by Marc Guillemot. (markt)
fix 51309: Correct logic in stop when using a PID file to ensure the correct message is shown. Patch provided by Caio Cezar. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.14 (markt)released 2011-05-12
update Stylistic improvements to MIME type sync script. Based on a patch provided by Felix Schumacher. (rjung)
fix Ensure that the SSLValve provides the SSL key size as an Integer rather than a String. (markt)
fix Ensure that the RemoteIpValve works correctly with Servlet 3.0 asynchronous requests. (markt)
fix Use safe equality test when determining event type in the MapperListener. (markt)
fix Use correct class loader when loading Servlet classes in StandardWrapper. (markt)
add Provide additional configuration options for the RemoteIpValve and RemoteIpFilter to allow greater control over the values returned by ServletRequest#getServerPort() and ServletRequest#getLocalPort() when Tomcat is behind a reverse proxy. (markt)
fix Ensure session cookie paths end in / so that session cookies created for a context with a path of /foo do not get returned with requests mapped to a context with a path of /foobar. (markt)
fix 51177: Ensure Tomcat's MapElResolver always returns Object.class for getType() as required by the EL specification. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.13 (markt)not released
fix Correct mix-up in Realm Javadoc. (markt)
fix Fix display of response headers in AccessLogValve. (kkolinko)
update Implement display of multiple request headers in AccessLogValve: print not just the value of the first header, but of the all of them, separated by commas. (kkolinko)
add 50306: New StuckThreadDetectionValve to detect requests that take a long time to process, which might indicate that their processing threads are stuck. Based on a patch provided by TomLu. (slaurent)
fix 51038: Ensure that asynchronous requests are included in access logs. (markt)
fix 51042: Don't trigger session creation listeners when a session ID is changed as part of the authentication process. (markt)
fix 51050: Add additional common but non-standard file extension to MIME type mappings for MPEG 4 files. Based on a patch by Cédrik Lime. (markt)
add Add some additional common JARs that do not contain TLDs or web fragments to the list of JARs to skip when scanning for TLDs and web fragments. (markt)
fix While scanning JARs for TLDs and fragments, avoid using JarFile and use JarInputStream as in most circumstances where JARs are scanned, JarFile will create a temporary copy of the JAR rather than using the resource directly. This change significantly improves startup performance for applications with lots of JARs to be scanned. (markt)
fix Ensure response is committed when AsyncContext#complete() is called. (markt)
add Add a container event that is fired when a session's ID is changed, e.g. on authentication. (markt)
fix 51099: Correctly implement non-default login configurations (configured via the loginConfigName attribute) for the the SPNEGO authenticator. (fhanik/markt)
add 51119: Add JAAS authentication support to the JMXRemoteLifecycleListener. Patch provided by Neil Laurance. (markt)
add 51136: Provide methods that enable the name of a Context on Context creation when using Tomcat in an embedded scenario. Based on a patch provided by David Calavera. (markt)
fix 51137: Add additional Microsoft Office MIME type mappings. (rjung)
add Partial sync of MIME type mapping with mime.types from the Apache web server. About 600 MIME types added, some changed. (rjung)
fix Make access logging more robust when logging requests that generate 400 responses since the request object is unlikely to be fully/correctly populated in that case. (markt)
fix 50957: Fix regression in HTTP BIO connector that triggered errors when processing pipe-lined requests. (markt)
fix 50158: Ensure the asynchronous requests never timeout if the timeout is set to zero or less. Based on a patch provided by Chris. (markt)
fix 51073: Throw an exception and do not start the APR connector if it is configured for SSL and an invalid value is provided for SSLProtocol. (markt)
fix Align all the connector implementations with the documented default setting for processorCache of 200. This changes the default from -1 (unlimited) for the AJP-BIO, AJP-APR and HTTP-APR connectors. Additional information was also added to the documentation on how to select an appropriate value.
fix Take account of time spent waiting for a processing thread when calculating connection and keep-alive timeouts for the HTTP BIO connector. (markt)
fix 51095: Don't trigger a NullPointerException when the SSL handshake fails with the HTTP-APR connector. Patch provided by Mike Glazer. (markt)
fix Improve handling in AJP connectors of the case where too large a AJP packet is received. (markt)
fix Restore the automatic disabling of HTTP keep-alive with the BIO connector once 75% of the processing threads are in use and make the threshold configurable. (markt)
fix Make pollerSize and maxConnections synonyms for the APR connectors since they perform the same function. (markt)
fix Use maxThreads rather than 10000 as the default maxConnections for the BIO connectors. (markt)
fix 47371: Correctly coerce the empty string to zero when used as an operand in EL arithmetic. Patch provided by gbt. (markt)
add Label JSP/tag file line and column numbers when reporting errors since it may not be immediately obvious what the numbers represent. (markt)
fix Correct a regression in the fix for 49916 that resulted in JSPs being compiled twice rather than just once. (markt)
add Log JARs that are scanned for TLDs where no TLD is found so that users can easily identify JARs that can be added to the list of JARs to skip. (markt)
update Use a single TLD location cache for a web application rather than one per JSP compilation to speed up JSP compilation. (markt)
add 51124: Refactor BodyContentImpl to assist in determining the root cause of this bug. Based on a patch by Ramiro. (markt)
fix 50950: Correct possible NotSerializableException for an authenticated session when running with a security manager. (markt)
Web applications
update Configure Security Manager How-To to include a copy of the actual conf/catalina.policy file when the documentation is built, rather than maintaining a copy of its content. (kkolinko)
fix Fix broken stylesheet URL in XML based manager status output. (rjung)
fix 51156: Ensure session expiration option is available in Manager application was running web applications that were defined in server.xml. (markt)
update Clarify error messages in *.sh files to mention that if a script is not found it might be because execute permission is needed. (kkolinko)
update Update Apache Commons Pool to 1.5.6. (markt)
fix 51135: Fix auto-detection of JAVA_HOME for 64-bit Windows platforms that only have a 32-bit JVM installed. (markt)
fix 51154: Remove duplicate @deprecated tags in ServletContext Javadoc. Patch provided by sebb. (markt)
fix 51155: Add comments to @deprecated tags that have none. Patch provided by sebb. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.12 (markt)released 2011-04-06
add Automatically correct invalid paths when specified for Context elements inside server.xml and log a warning that the configuration has been corrected. (markt)
fix Don't unpack WAR files if they are not located in the Host's appBase. (markt)
fix Don't log to standard out in SSLValve. (markt)
fix Handle the case where a web crawler provides an invalid session ID in the CrawlerSessionManagerValve. (markt)
update Update pattern used in CrawlerSessionManagerValve to that used by the ASF infrastructure team. (markt)
fix Remove unnecessary whitespace from MIME mapping entries in global web.xml file. (markt)
fix When using parallel deployment, correctly handle the scenario when the client sends multiple JSESSIONID cookies. (markt)
add 12428: Add support (disabled by default) for preemptive authentication. This can be configured per context. Based on a patch suggested by Werner Donn. (markt)
fix Make the CSRF nonce cache serializable so that it can be replicated across a cluster and/or persisted across Tomcat restarts. (markt)
update Resolve some refactoring TODOs in the implementation of the new Context attribute "swallowAbortedUploads". (markt)
fix Include the seed time when calculating the time taken to create SecureRandom instances for session ID generation, report excessive times (greater than 100ms) at INFO level and provide a value for the message key so a meaningful message appears in the logs. (markt)
fix Don't register Contexts that fail to start with the Mapper. (markt)
add 48685: Add initial support for SPNEGO/Kerberos authentication also referred to as integrated Windows authentication. This includes user authentication, authorisation via the directory using the user's delegated credentials and exposing the user's delegated credentials via a request attribute so applications can make use of them to impersonate the current user when accessing third-party systems that use a compatible authentication mechanism. Based on a patch provided by Michael Osipov. (markt)
fix HTTP range requests cannot be reliably served when a Writer is in use so prevent the DefaultServlet from attempting to do so. (kkolinko)
fix Protect the DefaultServlet from Valves, Filters and Wrappers that write content to the response. Prevent partial responses to partial GET requests in this case since the range cannot be reliably determined. Also prevent the DefaultServlet from setting a content length header since this too cannot be reliably determined. (markt)
fix 50929: When wrapping an exception, include the root cause. Patch provided by sebb. (markt)
fix 50991: Fix regression in fix for 25060 that called close on a JNDI resource while it was still available to the application. (markt)
add Provide a configuration option that lets the close method to be used for a JNDI Resource to be defined by the user. This change also disables using the close method unless one is explicitly defined for the resource and limits it to singleton resources. (markt)
fix Correctly track changes to context.xml files and trigger redeployment when copyXML is set to false. (markt)
fix 50997: Relax the requirement that directories must have a name ending in .jar to be treated as an expanded JAR file by the default JarScanner. Based on patch by Rodion Zhitomirsky. (markt)
fix Don't append the jvmRoute to a session ID if the jvmRoute is a zero length string. (markt)
fix Don't register non-singelton DataSource resources with JMX. (markt)
add CVE-2011-1184: Provide additional configuration options for the DIGEST authenticator. (markt)
fix Provide a workaround for Tomcat hanging during shutdown when running the unit tests. (markt)
add 50887: Add support for configuring the JSSE provider used to convert client certificates. Based on a patch by pknopp. (markt)
fix 50903: When a connector is stopped, ensure that requests that are currently in a keep-alive state and waiting for client data are not processed. Requests where processing has started will continue to completion. (markt)
fix 50927: Improve error message when SSLCertificateFile is not specified when using APR with SSL. Based on a patch provided by sebb. (markt)
fix 50928: Don't ignore keyPass attribute for HTTP BIO and NIO connectors. Based on a patch provided by sebb. (markt)
fix Securely seed the SecureRandom instance used for UUID generation and report excessive creation time (greater than 100ms) at INFO level. (markt)
Web applications
fix 50924: Clean-up HTTP connector comparison table. (markt)
add Slightly expanded the documentation of the Host element to clarify the relationship between host name and DNS name. (markt)
fix 50925: Update SSL how-to to take account of keyPass connector attribute. (markt)
update Improve Tomcat Logging documentation. (kkolinko)
fix Align the authenticator documentation and MBean descriptors with the implementation. (markt)
fix Prevent the custom error pages for the Manager and Host Manager applications from being accessed directly. (markt)
fix 50984: When using the Manager application ensure that undeployment fails if a file cannot be deleted. (markt)
update Update Eclipse JDT complier to 3.6.2. (markt)
update Update WSDL4J library to 1.6.2 (used by JSR 109 support in the extras package). (markt)
update Update optional CheckStyle library to 5.3. (markt)
fix 50911: Reduce noise generated during the build of the Windows installer so warnings are more obvious. Patch provided by sebb. (markt)
fix Further work to reduce compiler and validation warnings across the code base. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.11 (markt)released 2011-03-11
fix CVE-2011-1088: Completed fix. Don't ignore @ServletSecurity annotations. (markt)
add 25060: Close Apache Commons DBCP datasources when the associated JNDI naming context is stopped (e.g. for a non-global DataSource resource on web application reload) to close remaining database connections immediately rather than waiting for garbage collection. (markt)
add 26701: Provide a mechanism for users to register their own URLStreamHandlerFactory objects. (markt)
fix 50855: Fix NPE on HttpServletRequest.logout() when debug logging is enabled. (markt)
add New context attribute "swallowAbortedUploads" allows to make request data swallowing configurable for requests that are too large. (rjung)
fix 50854: Add additional permissions required by the Manager application when running under a security Manager and support a shared Manager installation when $CATALINA_HOME != CATALINA_BASE. (markt)
fix 50893: Add additional information to the download README for the extras components. (markt)
fix Calling stop() and then destroy() on a connector incorrectly triggered an exception. (markt)
add 48208: Allow the configuration of a custom trust manager for use in CLIENT-CERT authentication. (markt)
fix Fix issues that prevented asynchronous servlets from working when used with the HTTP APR connector on platforms that support TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT. (markt)
fix Correct possible threading issue in JSP compilation when development mode is used. (markt)
fix 50895: Don't initialize classes created during the compilation stage. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.10 (markt)released 2011-03-08
fix CVE-2011-1088: Partial fix. Don't ignore @ServletSecurity annotations. (markt)
fix 27988: Improve reporting of missing files. (markt)
fix 28852: Add URL encoding where missing to parameters in URLs presented by Ant tasks to the Manager application. Based on a patch by Stephane Bailliez. (markt)
fix Improve handling of SSL renegotiation by failing earlier when the request body contains more bytes than maxSavePostSize. (markt)
fix Improve shut down speed by not renewing threads during shut down when the ThreadLocalLeakPreventionListener is enabled. (markt)
add 49284: Add SSL re-negotiation support to the HTTP NIO connector and extend test cases to cover CLIENT-CERT authentication. (fhanik/markt)
Tomcat 7.0.9 (markt)not released
add 19444: Add an option to the JNDI realm to allow role searches to be performed by the authenticated user. (markt)
add 21669: Add the ability to specify the roleBase for the JNDI Realm as relative to the users DN. Based on a patch by Art W. (markt)
add 22405: Add a new Lifecycle listener, that prevents Tomcat from starting insecurely. It requires that Tomcat is not started as root and that a umask at least as restrictive as 0007 is used. This new listener is not enabled by default. (markt)
fix 48863: Better logging when specifying an invalid directory for a class loader. Based on a patch by Ralf Hauser. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 48870: Refactor to remove use of parallel arrays. (markt)
add Enhance the RemoteIpFilter and RemoteIpValve so that the modified remote address, remote host, protocol and server port may be used in an access log if desired. (markt)
fix Restore access to Environments, Resources and ResourceLinks via JMX which was lost in early 7.0.x re-factoring. (markt)
update Remove ServerLifecycleListener. This was already removed from server.xml and with the Lifecycle re-factoring is no longer required. (markt)
add Add additional checks to ensure that sub-classes of org.apache.catalina.util.LifecycleBase correctly implement the expected state transitions. (markt)
fix 50189: Once the application has finished writing to the response, prevent further reads from the request since this causes various problems in the connectors which do not expect this. (markt)
fix 50700: Ensure that the override attribute of context parameters is correctly followed. (markt)
fix 50721: Correctly handle URL decoding where the URL ends in %nn. Patch provided by Christof Marti. (markt)
add 50737: Add additional information when an invalid WAR file is detected. (markt)
fix 50748: Allow the content length header to be set up to the point the response is committed when a writer is being used. (markt)
fix 50751: When authenticating with the JNDI Realm, only attempt to read user attributes from the directory if attributes are required. (markt)
fix 50752: Fix typo in debug message in deprecated Embedded class. (markt)
fix 50789: Provide an option to enable ServletRequestListeners for forwards as required by some CDI frameworks. (markt)
fix 50793: When processing Servlet 3.0 async requests, ensure that the requestInitialized and requestDestroyed events are only fired once per request at the correct times. (markt)
fix 50802: Ensure that ServletContext.getResourcePaths() includes static resources packaged in JAR files in its output. (markt)
add Web crawlers can trigger the creation of many thousands of sessions as they crawl a site which may result in significant memory consumption. The new Crawler Session Manager Valve ensures that crawlers are associated with a single session - just like normal users - regardless of whether or not they provide a session token with their requests. (markt)
fix Don't attempt to start NamingResources for Contexts multiple times. (markt)
fix 50826: Avoid IllegalArgumentException if an embedded Tomcat instance that includes at least one Context is destroyed without ever being started. (markt)
fix Ensure a web application is taken out of service if the web.xml file is not valid. (kkolinko/markt)
fix Ensure Servlet 2.2 jspFile elements are correctly converted to use a leading '/' if missing. (markt)
fix 50836: Better documentation of the meaning of Lifecycle.isAvailable() and correct a couple of cases where this could incorrectly return true. (markt)
fix 50780: Fix memory leak in APR implementation of AJP connector introduced by the refactoring for 49884. (markt)
fix If server configuration errors and/or faulty applications caused the ulimit for open files to be reached, the acceptor threads for all connectors could enter a tight loop. This loop consumed CPU and also logged an error message for every iteration of the loop which lead to large log files being generated. The acceptors have been enhanced to better handle this situation. (markt)
fix 50720: Ensure that the use of non-ISO-8859-1 character sets for web.xml does not trigger an error when Jasper parses the web.xml file. (markt)
fix 50726: Ensure that the use of the genStringAsCharArray does not result in String constants that are too long for valid Java code. (markt)
fix 50790: Improve method resolution in EL expressions. (markt)
fix 50771: Ensure HttpServletRequest#getAuthType() returns the name of the authentication scheme if request has already been authenticated. (kfujino)
Web applications
fix 50713: Remove roles command from the Manager application. (markt)
fix 50667 (r1068549): Allow RPC callers to get confirmation when sending a reply. (fhanik)
fix 50743: Cache CheckStyle results between builds to speed up validation. Patch provided by Oliver. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.8 (markt)released 2011-02-05
fix Fix NPE in CoyoteAdapter when postParseRequest() call fails. (kkolinko)
fix 50709: Make ApplicationContextFacade non-final to enable extension. (markt)
fix When running under a security manager, user requests may fail with a security exception. (markt)
fix Reduce level of log message for invalid URL parameters from WARNING to INFO. (markt)
fix Fix hanging Servlet 3 asynchronous requests when using the APR based AJP connector. (markt)
fix Align server.xml installed by the Windows installer with the one bundled in zip/tar.gz files. The differences are LockOutRealm being used and AccessLogValve being enabled by default. (kkolinko)
Tomcat 7.0.7 (markt)not released
fix 18462: Don't merge stdout and stderr internally so users retain the option to treat them separately. (markt)
add 18797: Provide protection against null or zero length names being provided for users, roles and groups in the MemoryRealm and UserDatabaseRealm. (markt)
update Improve fix for 50205 to trigger an error earlier if invalid configuration is used. (markt)
add Provide additional control over component class loaders, primarily for use when embedding. (markt)
fix Fix NPE in RemoteAddrFilter, RemoteHostFilter. (kkolinko)
fix 49711: HttpServletRequest#getParts will work in a filter or servlet without an @MultipartConfig annotation or MultipartConfigElement if the new "allowCasualMultipartParsing" context attribute is set to "true". (schultz)
fix 49978: Correct another instance where deployment incorrectly failed if a directory in the work area already existed. (markt)
fix 50582: Refactor access logging so chunked encoding is not forced for all requests if bytes sent is logged. (markt)
fix 50597: Don't instantiate a new instance of a Filter if an instance was provided via the ServletContext.addFilter(String, Filter) method. Patch provided by Ismael Juma. (markt)
fix 50598: Correct URL for Manager text interface. (markt)
fix 50620: Stop exceptions that occur during Session.endAccess() from preventing the normal completion of Request.recycle(). (markt)
fix 50629: Make StandardContext.bindThread() and StandardContext.unbindThread() protected to allow use by sub-classes. (markt)
update Use getName() instead of logName() in error messages in StandardContext. (kkolinko)
fix 50642: Move the keep-alive thread memory leak protection from the JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener to the WebappClassLoader since the thread that triggers the memory leak is created on demand. (markt)
fix 50673: Improve Catalina shutdown when running as a service. Do not call System.exit(). (kkolinko)
fix 50683: Ensure annotations are scanned when unpackWARs is set to false in the Host where a web application is deployed. (markt)
fix Improve HTTP specification compliance in support of Accept-Language header. This protects from known exploit of the Oracle JVM bug that triggers a DoS, CVE-2010-4476. (kkolinko)
fix Prevent possible thread exhaustion if a Comet timeout event takes a while to complete. (markt)
fix Prvent multiple Comet END events if the CometServlet calls event.close() during an END event. (markt)
fix 50325: When the JVM indicates support for RFC 5746, disable Tomcat's allowUnsafeLegacyRenegotiation configuration attribute and use the JVM configuration to control renegotiation. (markt)
fix 50405: Fix occassional NPE when using NIO connector and Comet. (markt)
fix Ensure correct recycling of NIO input filters when processing Comet events. (markt)
fix 50627: Correct interaction of NIO socket and Poller when processing Comet events. (markt)
fix Correct interaction of APR socket and Poller when processing Comet events. (markt)
fix 50631: InternalNioInputBuffer should honor maxHttpHeadSize. (kkolinko)
fix Improve special case handling of javax.servlet.jsp.el.ScopedAttributeELResolver in javax.el.CompositeELResolver to handle sub-classes. (markt)
update 15688: Use fully-qualified class names in generated jsp files to avoid naming conflicts with user imports. (markt)
fix 46819: Remove redundant object instantiations in JspRuntimeLibrary. Patch provided by Anthony Whitford. (markt)
update Improve error message when EL identifiers are not valid Java identifiers and use i18n for the error message. (markt)
fix 50680: Prevent an NPE when using tag files from an exploded JAR file, e.g. from within an IDE. Patch provided by Larry Isaacs. (markt)
fix 50591: Fix NPE in ReplicationValve. (kkolinko)
add Internationalise the log messages for the FarmWarDeployer. (markt)
fix 50600: Prevent a ConcurrentModificationException when removing a WAR file via the FarmWarDeployer. (markt)
fix Be consistent with locks on sessionCreationTiming, sessionExpirationTiming in DeltaManager.resetStatistics(). (kkolinko)
fix 50648: Correctly set the interrupt status if a thread using RpcChannel is interrupted waiting for a message reply. Based on a patch by Olivier Costet. (markt)
fix 50646: Ensure larger Tribes messages are fully read. Patch provided by Olivier Costet. (markt)
fix 50679: Update the FarmWarDeployer to support parallel deployment. (markt)
Web applications
fix 22278: Add a commented out RemoteAddrValve that limits access to the Manager and Host Manager applications to localhost. Based on a patch by Yann Cébron. (markt)
fix Correct a handful of Javadoc warnings. (markt)
add Provide additional detail about how web application version order is determined when using parallel deployment. (markt)
fix Correct the documentation for the recoveryCount count attribute of the the default cluster membership. (markt)
fix 50441: Clarify when it is valid to set the docBase attribute in a Context element. (markt)
fix 50526: Provide additional documetation on configuring JavaMail resources. (markt)
fix 50599: Use correct names of roles required to access the Manager application. (markt)
add Extend the Checkstyle tests to check for license headers. (markt)
fix Modify the build script so a release build always rebuilds the dependencies to ensure that the correct Tomcat version appears in the manifest. (markt)
fix Code clean-up to remove unused code and reduce IDE warnings. (markt)
fix 50601: Code clean-up. Patch provided by sebb. (markt)
fix 50606: Improve CGIServlet: Provide support for specifying empty value for the executable init-param. Provide support for explicit additional arguments for the executable. Those were broken when implementing fix for bug 49657. (kkolinko)
Tomcat 7.0.6 (markt)released 2011-01-14
update Update to Apache Commons Daemon 1.0.5. (mturk)
fix 8705: org.apache.catalina.SessionListener now extends java.util.EventListener. (markt)
add 10526: Add an option to the Authenticators to force the creation of a session on authentication which may offer some performance benefits. (markt)
update 10972: Improve error message if the className attribute is missing on an element in server.xml where it is required. (markt)
update 48692: Provide option to parse application/x-www-form-urlencoded PUT requests. (schultz)
update 48822: Include context name in case of error while stopping or starting a context during its reload. Patch provided by Marc Guillemot. (slaurent)
add 48837: Extend thread local memory leak detection to include classes loaded by subordinate class loaders to the web application's class loader such as the Jasper class loader. Based on a patch by Sylvain Laurent. (markt)
add 48973: Avoid creating a SESSIONS.ser file when stopping an application if there's no session. Patch provided by Marc Guillemot. (slaurent)
fix 49000: No longer accept specification invalid name only cookies by default. This behaviour can be restored using a system property. (markt)
add 49159: Improve memory leak protection by renewing threads of the pool when a web application is stopped. (slaurent)
fix 49372: Re-fix after connector re-factoring. If connector initialisation fails (e.g. if a port is alreasy in use) do not trigger an LifecycleException for an invalid state transition. (markt)
fix 49543: Allow Tomcat to use shared data sources with per application credentials. (fhanik)
fix 49650: Remove unnecessary entries package.access property defined in Patch provided by Owen Farrell. (markt)
fix 50106: Correct several MBean descriptors. Patch provided by Eiji Takahashi. (markt)
update Further performance improvements to session ID generation. Remove legacy configuration options that are no longer required. Provide additional options to control the SecureRandom instances used to generate session IDs. (markt)
fix 50201: Update the access log reference in StandardEngine when the ROOT web application is redeployed, started, stopped or defaultHost is changed. (markt/kkolinko)
add 50282: Load with JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener to avoid memory leak when stopping a web application that would use JAAS. (slaurent)
fix 50351: Fix the regression that broke BeanFactory resources caused by the previous fix for 50159. (markt)
fix 50352: Ensure that AsyncListener.onComplete() is fired when AsyncContext.complete() is called. (markt)
fix 50358: Set the correct LifecycleState when stopping instances of the deprecated Embedded class. (markt)
fix Further Lifecycle refactoring for Connectors and associated components. (markt)
fix Correct handling of versioned web applications in deployer. (markt)
fix Correct removal of LifeCycleListeners from Containers via JMX. (markt)
fix Don't use nulls to construct log messages. (markt)
fix Code clean-up. Replace use of inefficient constructors with more efficient alternatives. (markt)
fix 50411: Ensure sessions are removed from the Store associated with a PersistentManager. (markt)
fix 50413: Ensure 304 responses are not returned when using static files as error pages. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 50448: Fix possible IllegalStateException caused by recent session management refactoring. (markt)
fix Ensure aliases settings for a context are retained after a context is reloaded. (markt)
fix Log a warning if context.xml files define values for properties that do not exist (e.g. if there is a typo in a property name). (markt)
fix 50453: Correctly handle multiple X-Forwarded-For headers in the RemoteIpFilter and RemoteIpValve. Patch provided by Jim Riggs. (markt)
add 50541: Add support for setting the size limit and time limit for LDAP seaches when using the JNDI Realm with userSearch. (markt)
update All configuration options that use regular expression now require a single regular expression (using java.util.regex) rather than a list of comma-separated or semi-colon-separated expressions. (markt)
fix 50496: Bytes sent in the access log are now counted after compression, chunking etc rather than before. (markt)
fix 50550: When a new directory is created (e.g. via WebDAV) ensure that a subsequent request for that directory does not result in a 404 response. (markt)
fix 50554: Code clean up. (markt)
add 50556: Improve JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener to prevent a potential class loader leak caused by a thread spawned when the class com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapPoolManager is initialized and the system property com.sun.jndi.ldap.connect.pool.timeout is set to a value greater than 0. (slaurent)
fix 47319: Return the client's IP address rather than null for calls to getRemoteHost() when the APR connector is used with enableLookups="true" but the IP address is not resolveable. (markt)
add 50108: Add get/set methods for Connector property minSpareThreads. Patch provided by Eiji Takahashi. (markt)
fix 50360: Provide an option to control when the socket associated with a connector is bound. By default, the socket is bound on Connector.init() and released on Connector.destroy() as per the current behaviour but this can be changed so that the socket is bound on Connector.start() and released on Connector.stop(). This fix also includes further Lifecycle refactoring for Connectors and associated components. (markt)
fix Remove a huge memory leak in the NIO connector introduced by the fix for 49884. (markt)
fix 50467: Protected against NPE triggered by a race condition that causes the NIO poller to fail, preventing the processing of further requests. (markt)
add 13731: Make variables in _jspService() method final where possible. (markt)
fix 50408: Fix NoSuchMethodException when using scoped variables with EL method invocation. (markt)
fix 50460: Avoid a memory leak caused by using a cached exception instance in JspDocumentParser and ProxyDirContext. (kkolinko)
fix 50500: Use correct coercions (as per the EL spec) for arithmetic operations involving string values containing '.', 'e' or 'E'. Based on a patch by Brian Weisleder. (markt)
add 50185: Add additional trace level logging to Tribes to assist with fault diagnosis. Based on a patch by Ariel. (markt)
fix Don't try and obtain session data from the cluster if the current node is the only node in the cluster. Log requesting session data as INFO rather than WARNING. (markt)
fix 50503: When web application has a version, Engine level Clustering works correctly. (kfujino)
fix 50547: Add time stamp for CHANGE_SESSION_ID message and SESSION_EXPIRED message. (kfujino)
Web applications
fix 21157: Ensure cookies are written before the response is commited in the Cookie example. Patch provided by Stefan Radzom. (markt)
add 50294: Add more information to documentation regarding format of configuration files. Patch provided by Luke Meyer. (markt)
fix Correctly validate provided context path so sessions for the ROOT web application can be viewed through the HTML Manager. (markt)
update Improve documentation of database connection factory. (rjung)
fix 50488: Update classpath required when using jsvc and add a note regarding server VMs. (markt)
fix Further filtering of Manager display output. (kkolinko)
fix Don't configure Windows installer to use PID file since it is not removed when the service stops which prevents the service from starting. (markt)
fix 14416: Make TagLibraryInfo.getTag() more robust at handling nulls. (markt)
fix 50552: Avoid NPE that hides error message when using Ant tasks. (schultz)
add Provide two alternative locations for the libraries downloaded from the ASF web site at build time. Use the main distribution site as default and the archive one as fallback. (kkolinko)
Tomcat 7.0.5 (markt)beta, 2010-12-01
update Update to Apache Commons Daemon 1.0.4. (mturk)
fix 3839: Provide a mechanism to gracefully handle the case where users book-mark the form login page or otherwise misuse the FORM authentication process. Based on a suggestion by Mark Morris. (markt)
fix 49180: Add option to disable log rotation in juli FileHandler. Patch provided by Pid (pidster at apache). (funkman)
fix 49991: Ensure servlet request listeners are fired for the login and error pages during FORM authentication. (markt)
fix 50107: When removing a Host via JMX, do not attempt to destroy the host's pipeline twice. Patch provided by Eiji Takahashi. (markt)
fix 50138: Fix threading issues in (markt)
fix 50157: Ensure MapperListener is only added to a container object once. (markt)
fix 50159: Add a new attribute for <Resource> elements, singleton, that controls whether or not a new object is created every time a JNDI lookup is performed to obtain the resource. The default value is true, which will return the same instance of the resource in every JNDI lookup. (markt)
fix 50168: Separate the Lifecycle.DESTROY_EVENT into Lifecycle.BEFORE_DESTROY_EVENT and Lifecycle.AFTER_DESTROY_EVENT. Use the additional state to ensure that Context objects are only destroyed once. (markt)
fix 50169: Ensure that when a Container is started that it doesn't try and register with the mapper unless its parent has already started. Patch provided by Eiji Takahashi. (markt)
add 50222: Modify memory leak prevention code so it pins the system class loader in memory rather than than the common class loader, which is better for embedded systems. Patch provided by Christopher Schultz. (markt)
add Improve debug logging for MapperListener registration. (markt)
add Expose names of LifecycleListeners and ContainerListeners for StandardContext via JMX. (markt)
add Add a new option, resourceOnlyServlets, to Context elements that provides a mechanism for working around the issues caused by new requirements for welcome file mapping introduced in Servlet 3.0. By default, the existing Tomcat 6.0.x welcome file handling is used. (markt)
fix Make Tomcat more tolerant of null when generating JMX names for Valves. (markt)
fix Make AccessLogValve attribute enabled changeable via JMX. (pero)
fix Correct infinite loop if ServletRequest.startAsync(ServletRequest, ServletResponse) was called. (markt)
fix 50232: Remove dependency between StoreBase and PersistentManager and associated code clean-up. Patch provided by Tiago Batista. (markt)
fix 50252: Prevent ClassCastException when using a <ResourceLink>. Patch provided by Eiji Takahashi. (markt)
add Reduce synchronization in session managers to improve performance of session creation. (markt)
fix If starting children automatically when adding them to a container (e.g. when adding a Context to a Host) don't lock the parent's set of children whilst the new child is being started since this can block other threads and cause issues such as lost cluster messages. (markt)
add Implement support for parallel deployment. This allows multiple versions of the same web application to be deployed to the same context path at the same time. Users without a current session will be mapped to the latest version of the web application. Users with a current session will continue to use the version of the web application with which the session is associated until the session expires. (markt)
fix 50308: Allow asynchronous request processing to call AsyncContext.dispatch() once the asynchronous request has timed out. (markt)
add Make memory leak prevention code that clears ThreadLocal instances more robust against objects with toString() methods that throw exceptions. (markt)
fix 49860: Complete support for handling trailing headers in chunked HTTP requests. (markt)
add Impose a limit on the length of the trailing headers. The limit is configurable with a system property and is 8192 by default. (kkolinko)
fix 50207: Ensure Comet timeout events are triggered. This bug was a regression triggered by the fix for 49884. (markt)
fix 49297: Enforce the rules in the JSP specification for parsing the attributes of custom and standard actions that require that the attribute names are unique within an element and that there is whitespace before the attribute name. The whitespace test can be disabled by setting the system property org.apache.jasper.compiler.Parser.STRICT_WHITESPACE to false. Attributes of the page directive have slightly different rules. The implementation of that part of the fix is based on a patch by genspring. (markt)
fix 50105: When processing composite EL expressions use rather than Enum.toString() as required by the EL specification. (markt)
fix Fix minor thread-safety and performance issues in the implementation of maxLoadedJsps. (rjung)
add Add support for unloading JSPs that have not been requested for a long time using the new parameter jspIdleTimeout. (rjung)
add Add logging and JMX support to JSP unloading. (rjung)
fix 50192: Improve performance for EL when running under a security manager. Based on a patch by Robert Goff. (markt)
fix 50228: Improve recycling of BodyContentImpl. This avoids keeping a cached reference to a webapp-provided Writer used in JspFragment.invoke() calls. (kkolinko)
add 50273: Provide a workaround for an HP-UX issue that can result in large numbers of SEVERE log messages appearing in the logs as a result of normal operation. (markt)
fix 50293: Increase the size of internal ELResolver array from 2 to 8 since in typical usage there are at least 5 resolvers. Based on a patch by Robert Goff. (markt)
fix Add support for maxActiveSessions attribute to BackupManager. (kfujino)
fix Improve sending an access message in DeltaManager. maxInactiveInterval of not Manager but the session is used. If maxInactiveInterval is negative, an access message is not sending. (kfujino)
fix 50183: BIO sender was not scheduling tasks to the executor during normal operation. Patch provided by Ariel. (markt)
fix 50184: Add an option to the RpcChannel to enable the Channel send options to be set for the reply message. Based on a patch by Ariel. (markt)
fix Ensure that a new Context waiting for session data from other nodes in the cluster does not block the processing of clustering messages for other Contexts. (markt)
Web applications
fix 49426: Localize messages in the Manager application based on the Locale of the user rather than the default Locale of the server. (markt)
fix Localize messages in the Host Manager application based on the Locale of the user rather than the default Locale of the server. (markt)
add 50242: Provide a sample log4j configuration that more closely matches the default JULI configuration. Patch provided by Christopher Schultz. (markt)
add Restore the ability to edit the contents of /WEB-INF and /META-INF via WebDAV via the provision of a new configuration option, allowSpecialPaths. (markt)
fix Correct broken links for on-line JavaDocs. (markt)
fix 50230: Add new DistributedManager interface that is implemented by the Backup Manager to remove circular dependency between tomcat-catalina-ha and tomcat-catalina modules. Also allows third-party distributed Manager implementations to report full session information through the HTML Manager. (markt)
update Improve Tomcat Logging documentation. (kkolinko)
fix 50303: Update JNDI how-to to reflect the new JavaMail download location and that JAF is now included in Java SE 6. (markt)
fix Fix ordering functionality on sessions page for the HTML Manager application. (markt)
fix Fix primary sessions not always being treated as such in the HTML Manager application. (markt)
fix Fix message not being displayed after session attribute removal in the HTML Manager application. (markt)
fix 50310: Fix display of Servlet information in the Manager application. (markt)
fix CVE-2010-4172: Multiple XSS in the Manager application. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 50316: Fix display of negative values in the Manager application. (kkolinko)
fix 50318: Avoid NPE when trying to view session detail for an expired session in the Manager application. (markt)
fix Correct a handful of Javadoc warnings. (markt)
fix 22965: Fix some typos and formatting issues in the global web.xml file. Based on a patch by Yann Cébron. (markt)
add Extend Checkstyle validation checks to check for unused imports. (markt)
fix General code clean-up to reduce (not eliminate) the number of warnings reported by IDEs. (markt)
fix 50140: Don't ignore a user specified installation directory when performing a silent install with the Windows installer on 64-bit platforms. (markt)
update Reimplemented Windows installer dialogs, using modern libraries (nsDialogs, MUI2). (kkolinko)
add When installing with the Windows installer on 64-bit platforms, allow the user to select either a 32-bit JDK or a 64-bit JDK. If a 32-bit JDK is selected, the 32-bit service wrapper and the 32-bit native DLL will be installed. If a 64-bit JDK is selected, the 64-bit service wrapper and the 64-bit native DLL will be installed. (markt/kkolinko)
add Create Windows shortcuts for the Manager and Host Manager webapps. (kkolinko)
add Support /? command line option in the Windows Installer. (kkolinko)
add Display and allow to change roles for the Tomcat admin user in the Windows installer. (kkolinko)
fix In the Windows installer: do not leave stale server.xml and tomcat-users.xml fragments in the $TEMP folder. (kkolinko)
update 49819: Redesign of home page by Pid (pidster at apache). (timw)
Tomcat 7.0.4 (markt)beta, 2010-10-21
fix 49428: Re-implement the fix for bug 49428 – namespace issues for some Microsoft WebDAV clients. (kkolinko)
fix 49669: Fix memory leak triggered by using the deprecated class. (markt)
fix 49922: Don't add filter twice to filter chain if the filter matches more than one URL pattern and/or Servlet name. Patch provided by heyoulin. (markt)
fix 49937: Use an InstanceManager when creating an AsyncListener through the AsyncContext to ensure annotations are processed. Based on a patch by David Jencks. (markt)
fix To avoid NoSuchMethodException, xmlValidation and xmlNamespaceAware are removed from the createStandardHost definition of mbeans-descriptors.xml. (kfujino)
fix 49945: Continue improvements to JMX. Fix a handful of attributes that were showing as Unavailable in JConsole. Patch provided by Chamith Buddhika. (markt)
fix 49952: Allow ServletContainerInitializers to add listeners to a web application. Patch provided by David Jencks. (markt)
fix 49956: Handle case when @Resource annotation uses the full JNDI name for a resource. Based on a patch by Gurkan Erdogdu. (markt)
fix 49557: Correct regression due to Lifecycle refactoring that cleared all work directories (with compiled JSPs and persisted sessions) when Tomcat was stopped. (markt)
fix 49978: Correctly handle the case when a directory expected to be created during web application start is already present. Rather than throwing an exception and failing to start, allow the web application to start normally. (markt)
fix 49987: Fix thread safety issue with population of servlet context initialization parameters. (markt)
fix 49994: As per the Java EE 6 specification, return a new object instance for each JNDI look up of a resource reference. (markt)
fix 50015: Re-factor dynamic servlet security implementation to make extensions, such as JACC implementations, simpler. Patch provided by David Jencks. (markt)
fix 50016: Re-factor isUserInRole() and login()/logout() methods to support JACC implementations and to improve encapsulation. Patch provided by David Jencks. (markt)
update 50017: Code clean-up. No functional change. Patch provided by sebb. (markt)
fix 50027: Avoid NPE on start when a Context is defined in server.xml with one or more JNDI resources. (markt)
fix 50059: JARs should always be searched for static resources even if the web application is marked as meta-data complete. (markt)
fix 50063: Correct regression in fix for 50059 that causes applications marked as meta-data complete to return 404s for all requests. Patch provided by heyoulin. (markt)
fix 50087: Catch ClassFormatErrors when scanning for annotations. (markt)
fix 49923: Avoid using negative timeouts during acceptor unlock to ensure APR connector shuts down properly. (mturk)
fix 49972: Fix potential thread safe issue when formatting dates for use in HTTP headers. (markt)
fix 50003: Set not maxThreads but minSpareThreads to corePoolSize, if AbstractEndpoint.setMinSpareThreads is called. (kfujino)
fix 50044: Fix issue when using comet where socket remained in long poll after the comet request has ended. (markt)
fix 50054: Correctly handle the setting of minSpareThreads in AJP connector. (kfujino)
fix 50072: Fix issues when using a non-blocking read for the request line with the NIO connector that could result in the request line being mis-read. (markt)
fix 49986: Fix thread safety issue for JSP reload. (timw)
fix 49998: Make jsp:root detection work with single quoted attributes as well. (timw)
fix Correctly handle the setting of primitive bean values via expression language. (markt)
fix Don't swallow exceptions when processing TLD files and handle the case when there is no web.xml file. (markt)
fix 50066: Fix building of recursive tag files when the file depends on a JAR file. Patch provided by Sylvain Laurent. (markt)
fix 50078: Fix threading problem in EL caches. Patch provided by Takayoshi Kimura. (markt)
add Make EL cache sizes configurable. (markt)
Web applications
fix Apply filters to default home page so copyright year is correctly displayed. (markt)
update 48716: Do not call reset if the default LogManager is in use. (markt)
fix 50013: Correctly package classes from org.apache.tomcat.util.file and add the tomcat-util.jar to the class path for the Ant tasks. Based on a patch provided by Sylvain Laurent. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.3 (markt)not released
fix 48644: Review all instances of catching Throwable and re-throw where appropriate. (markt)
update Allow glob patterns in the jarsToSkip configuration and add some debug logging to the jar scanner. (rjung)
fix 48738: Workaround a couple of long standing JDK bugs to enable GZIP compressed output streams to be flushed. Based on a patch provided by Jiong Wang. (markt)
update 48967: Replace strings "catalina.base" and "catalina.home" by globally defined constants. Patch provided by Marc Guillemot. (rjung)
fix 49195: Don't report an error when shutting down a Windows service for a Tomcat instance that has a disabled shutdown port. (markt)
fix 49209: Prevent possible AccessControlException during undeployment when running with a security manager. Patch provided by Sylvain Laurent. (markt)
fix 49657: Handle CGI executables with spaces in the path. (markt)
fix 49667: Ensure that using the JDBC driver memory leak prevention code does not cause a one of the memory leaks it is meant to avoid. (markt)
fix 49670: Restore SSO functionality that was broken by Lifecycle refactoring. (markt)
fix 49698: Allow a listener to complete an asynchronous request if it times out. (markt)
fix 49714: The annotation process of Jar doesn't influence distributable element of web.xml. (kfujino)
fix 49721: Alls JAR in a web application should be searched for resources, not just those with a web-fragment.xml that is going to be processed. (markt)
fix 49728: Improve PID file handling when another process is managing the PID file and Tomcat does not have write access. (markt)
fix 49730: Fix a race condition in StandardThreadExector that can cause requests to experience large delays. Patch provided by Sylvain Laurent. (markt)
fix 49749: Single sign on cookies should have httpOnly flag set using same rules as session cookies. (markt)
fix 49750: Align WebappClassLoader.validate() implementation with Javadoc and ensure that javax.servlet.* classes can not be loaded by a WebappClassLoader instance. Patch provided by pid. (markt)
fix 49757: Correct some generics warnings. Based on a patch provided by Gábor. (markt)
fix 49779: Improve handling of POST requests and FORM authentication, particularly when the user agent responds to the 302 response by repeating the POST request including a request body. Any request body provided at this point is now swallowed. (markt)
fix CSRF prevention filter did not correctly handle URLs that used anchors. (markt)
fix Fix memory leak on web application stopped caused by failed to de-register the web application's Servlets with the MBean server. (markt)
update More tweaks to the Lifecycle refactoring to ensure that when a component is being destroyed, the destroy method is only called once on each child component. (markt)
fix Keep the MBean names for web applications consistent between Tomcat 6 and Tomcat 7. (markt)
fix 49856: Add an executorName attribute to Connectors so it is possible to trace ThreadPool to Connector to Executor via the JMX interface. (markt)
fix 49865: Tomcat failed to start if was not present. (markt)
fix 49876: Fix the generics warnings in the copied Apache Jakarta BCEL code. Based on a patch by Gábor. (markt)
fix 49883: Ensure that the CombinedRealm and LockOutRealm return a name for use in log messages rather than throwing an UnsupportedOperationException. (markt)
fix 49884: Fix occassional NullPointerException on async complete(). This resulted in a major refactoring of the async implementation to address a number of threading issues. (markt)
fix Update the version numbers in ServerInfo defaults to Tomcat 7.0.x. (markt)
fix 49892: Correct JNDI name for method resource injections. Based on a patch by Gurkan Erdogdu. (markt)
fix Ensure that Context elements defined in server.xml use any configClass setting specified in the parent Host element. (markt)
fix GSOC 2010. Enable the creation of Services, Engines, Connectors, Hosts and Contexts via JMX from a minimal server.xml that contains only a Server element. Based on a patch by Chamith Buddhika. (markt)
fix 49909: Fix a regression introduced with the fix for 47950 that prevented JSTL classes being loaded. (markt)
fix 49915: Make error more obvious, particularly when accessed via JConsole, if StandardServer.storeConfig() is called when there is no StoreConfig implementation present. (markt)
fix 50018: Fix some minor Javadoc errors in Jasper source. Based on a patch by sebb. (timw)
fix 50021: Correct a regression in the fix for 46844 that may have caused additional problems during a failure at start up. (markt)
fix 50026: Prevent serving of resources from WEB-INF and META-INF directories when DefaultServlet or WebdavServlet is mapped to a sub-path of the context. This changes DefaultServlet to always serve resources with paths relative to the root of the context regardless of where it is mapped, which is a breaking change for current servlet-mappings that map the default servlet to a subpath. (timw)
fix 50689: Provide 100 Continue responses at appropriate points during FORM authentication if client indicates that they are expected. (markt)
update Wait for the connectors to exit before closing them down. (mturk)
add Follow up to 48545. Make JSSE connectors more tolerant of a incorrect trust store password. (markt)
fix Fix some edge cases in the NIO connector when handling requests that are not received all at the same time and the socket needs to be returned to the poller. (markt)
update Further work to reduce the code duplication in the HTTP connectors. (markt)
fix Make sure acceptor threads are stopped when the connector is stopped. (markt)
fix Make sure async timeout thread is stopped when the connector is stopped. (markt)
fix 49625: Ensure Vary header is set if response may be compressed rather than only setting it if it is compressed. (markt)
fix 49802: Re-factor connector pause, stop and destroy methods so that calling any of those methods has the expected results. (markt)
update Various refactorings to reduce code duplication and unnecessary code in the connectors. (markt)
fix 49860: Add partial support for trailing headers in chunked HTTP requests. (markt)
fix 49665: Provide better information including JSP file name and location when a missing file is detected during TLD handling. Patch provided by Ted Leung. (markt)
fix 49726: Specifying a default content type via a JSP property group should not prevent a page from setting some other content type. (markt)
fix 49799: The new omit attribute for jsp:attribute elements now supports the use of expressions and expression language. (markt)
fix 49916: Switch to using an initialisation parameter to pass JSP file information from Catalina to Jasper. This simplifies the Catalina code as well as making it easier for Geronimo and others to integrate Jasper. Patch provided by David Jencks. (markt)
fix 49985: Fix thread safety issue in EL parser. (markt)
fix Remove domainReplication attribute from ClusterManager. If you send session to only same domain, use DomainFilterInterceptor. (kfujino)
fix Add Null check when CHANGE_SESSION_ID message received. (kfujino)
fix Add support for LAST_ACCESS_AT_START system property to DeltaSession. (kfujino)
fix Avoid a NPE in the DeltaManager when a parallel request invalidates the session before the current request has a chance to send the replication message. (markt)
fix 49905: Prevent memory leak when using asynchronous session replication. (markt)
fix 49924: When non-primary node changes into a primary node, make sure isPrimarySession is changed to true. (kfujino)
Web applications
fix Correct the class name of the default JAR scanner in the documentation web application. (rjung)
fix 49585: Update JSVC documentation to reflect new packaging of Commons Daemon. (markt)
update Update the Servlet, JSP and EL Javadoc links to link to the specifications and the relevant part of the Java EE 6 Javadoc. (markt)
fix Update a few places in the docs where the Manager documentation referred to the old role name of manager rather than than the new manager-script. (markt)
fix 49861: Don't log RMI ports formatted with commas for the JMX remote listener. (markt)
fix Correct the user names created by the Windows installer for the Manager and Host Manager applications. (mturk)
fix Correct the Eclipse compiler dependency in the Jasper POM. (markt)
add Extend Checkstyle validation checks to check import order. (markt)
fix 49758: Fix generics warnings exposed by a fix in Eclipse 3.6. Patch provided by sebb. (markt)
update Update Apache Commons Pool to 1.5.5. (markt)
update 49955: Improvement and correction of Building Tomcat guide. Based on a patch from Wesley Acheson. (timw)
Tomcat 7.0.2 (markt)beta, 2010-08-11
fix Fix regression that prevented running with a security manager enabled. (markt)
Web applications
fix Correct Javadoc errors. (markt)
add Provide Javadoc for Servlet 3.0 API, JSP 2.2 API and EL 2.2 API. (markt)
fix Remove second copy of RUNNING.txt from the full-docs distribution. Some unpacking utilities can't handle multiple copies of a file with the same name in a directory. (markt)
add Extend Checkstyle validation checks to check for tabs in nearly all text files. (markt)
update Update Apache Commons Daemon from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3. (markt)
update Update Eclipse JDT Core Batch Compiler (ecj.jar) from 3.5.1 to 3.6. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.1 (markt)not released
fix GSOC 2010. Continue work to align MBean descriptors with reality. Patch provided by Chamith Buddhika. (markt)
fix When running under a security manager, enforce package access and package definition restrictions defined in the file. (markt)
fix When using a Loader configured with searchExternalFirst="true" failure to find the class in an external repository should not prevent searching of the local repositories. (markt)
add Add entryPoint support to the CSRF prevention filter. (markt)
fix 48297: Correctly initialise handler chain for web services resources. (markt)
add 48960: Add a new option to the SSI Servlet and SSI Filter to allow the disabling of the exec command. This is now disabled by default. Based on a patch by Yair Lenga. (markt)
add 48998, 49617: Add the ExpiresFilter, a port of the httpd mod_expires module. Patch provided by Cyrille Le Clerc. (markt)
fix 49030: When initializing/starting/stopping connectors and one of them fails, do not ignore the others. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 49128: Don't swallow exceptions unnecessarily in WebappClassLoader.start(). (markt)
fix 49182: Align comments in setclasspath.[sh|bat] with behaviour. Based on a patch provided by sebb. (markt)
fix 49230: Enhance JRE leak prevention listener with protection for the keep-alive thread started by Based on a patch provided by Rob Kooper. (markt)
fix 49414: When reporting threads that may have triggered a memory leak on web application stop, attempt to differentiate between request processing threads and threads started by the application. (markt)
fix 49428: Add a work-around for the known namespace issues for some Microsoft WebDAV clients. Patch provided by Panagiotis Astithas. (markt)
add Add support for *.jar pattern in VirtualWebappLoader. (kkolinko)
add Use a LockOutRealm in the default configuration to prevent attempts to guess user passwords by brute-force. (markt)
add 49478: Add support for user specified character sets to the AddDefaultCharsetFilter. Based on a patch by Felix Schumacher. (markt)
fix 49503: Make sure connectors bind to their associated ports sufficiently early to allow jsvc and the org.apache.catalina.startup.EXIT_ON_INIT_FAILURE system property to operate correctly. (markt)
fix 49525: Ensure cookies for the ROOT context have a path of / rather than an empty string. (markt)
fix 49528, 49567: Ensure that AsyncContext.isAsyncStarted() returns the correct value after AsyncContext.start() and that if AsyncContext.complete() is called on a separate thread that it is handled correctly. (markt)
fix 49530: Contexts and Servlets not stopped when Tomcat is shut down. (markt)
fix 49536: If no ROOT context is deployed, ensure a 404 rather than a 200 is returned for requests that don't map to any other context. (markt)
add Additional debug logging in StandardContext to provide information on Manager selection. (markt)
fix 49550: Supress deprecation warning where deprecated code is required to be used. No functional change. Patch provided by Sebb. (markt)
fix 49551: Allow default context.xml location to be specified using an absolute path. (markt)
add Improve logging of unhandled exceptions in servlets by including the path of the context where the error occurred. (markt)
add Include session ID in error message logged when trying to set an attribute on an invalid session. (markt)
fix Improve the CSRF protection filter by using SecureRandom rather than Random to generate nonces. Also make the implementation class used user configurable. (markt)
fix Avoid NullPointerException, when copyXML=true and META-INF/context.xml does not exist. (kfujino)
fix 49598: When session is changed and the session cookie is replaced, ensure that the new Set-Cookie header overwrites the old Set-Cookie header. (markt)
fix Create a thread to trigger asynchronous timeouts when using the BIO connector, change the default timeout to 10s (was infinite) and make the default timeout configurable using the asyncTimeout attribute on the connector. (pero/markt)
fix 49600: Make exceptions returned by the ProxyDirContext consistent for resources that weren't found by checking the DirContext or the cache. Test case based on a patch provided by Marc Guillemot. (markt)
fix 49613: Improve performance when using SSL for applications that make multiple class to Request.getAttributeNames(). Patch provided by Sampo Savolainen. (markt)
fix Handle the edge cases where resources packaged in JARs have names that start with a single quote character or a double quote character. (markt)
fix Correct copy and paste typo in web.xml parsing rules that mixed up local-ejb-ref and resource-env-ref. (markt)
update Refactor session managers to remove unused code and to reduce code duplication. Also, all session managers used for session replication now extend org.apache.catalina.ha.session.ClusterManagerBase. (markt)
update Remove references to Jikes since it does not support Java 6. (markt)
fix Correct over zealous type checking for EL in attributes that broke the use of JSF converters. (markt)
fix Correct algorithm used to identify correct method to use when a MethodExpressions is used in EL. (markt)
fix 49217: Ensure that identifiers used in EL meet the requirements of the Java Language Specification. (markt)
add Improve logging of JSP exceptions by including JSP snippet (if enabled) rather than just the root cause in the host log. (markt)
fix 49555: Correctly handled Tag Libraries where functions are defined in static inner classes. (markt)
fix 49127: Don't swallow exceptions unnecessarily in SimpleTcpReplicationManager.startInternal(). (markt)
fix 49407: Change the BackupManager so it is consistent with DeltaManager and reports both primary and backup sessions when active sessions are requested. (markt)
fix 49445: When session ID is changed after authentication, ensure the DeltaManager replicates the change in ID to the other nodes in the cluster. (kfujino)
Web applications
fix 49112: Update the ROOT web application's index page. Patch provided by pid. (markt)
fix 49213: Add the permissions necessary to enable the Manager application to operate currently when running with a security manager. (markt)
fix 49436: Correct documented default for readonly attribute of the UserDatabase component. (markt)
fix 49475: Use new role name for manager application access on the ROOT web application's index page. (markt)
fix 49476: CSRF protection was preventing access to the session expiration features. Also switch the manager application to the generic CSRF protection filter. (markt)
fix Better handle failure to create directories required for new hosts in the Host Manager application. (markt)
fix Switch the Host Manager application to the generic CSRF protection for the HTML interface and prevent started hosts from being started and stopped hosts from being stopped. (markt)
fix 49518: Fix typo in extras documentation. (markt)
fix 49522: Fix regression due to change of name for MBeans for naming resources that broke the complete server status page in the manager application. Note these MBeans now have a new name. (markt)
fix 49570: When using the example compression filter, set the Vary header on compressed responses. (markt)
add Add redirects for the root of the manager and host-manager web applications that redirect users to the html interface rather than returning a 404. (markt)
add Provide the HTML Manager application with the ability to differentiate between primary, backup and proxy sessions. Note that proxy sessions are only shown if enabled in web.xml. (markt)
fix 49130: Better describe the core package in the Windows installer, making it clear that the service will be installed. Patch provided by sebb. (markt)
add Re-factor unit tests to enable them to be run once with each of the HTTP connector implementations (BIO, NIO and APR/native). (markt)
add 49268: Add the necessary plumbing to include CheckStyle in the build process. Start with no checks. Additional checks will be added as they are agreed. (markt)
update Updated to Ant 1.8.1. The build now requires a minimum of Ant 1.8.x. (markt)
update Update the re-packaged version of commons-fileupload from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2. The layout of re-packaged version was also restored to the original commons-fileupload layout to make merging of future updates easier. (markt)
update Update the re-packaged version of Jakarta BCEL from trunk revision 880760 to trunk revision 978831. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.0 (markt)beta, 2010-06-29
update Update Servlet support to the Servlet 3.0 specification. (all)
update Improve and document VirtualWebappLoader. (rjung)
add 43642: Add prestartminSpareThreads attribute for Executor. (jfclere)
update Switch from AnnotationProcessor to InstanceManager. Patch provided by David Jecks with modifications by Remy. (remm/fhanik)
update r620845 and r669119. Make shutdown address configurable. (jfclere)
fix r651977 Add some missing control checks to ThreadWithAttributes. (markt)
add r677640 Add a startup class that does not require any configuration files. (costin)
fix r700532 Log if temporary file operations within the CGI servlet fail. Make sure header Reader is closed on failure. (markt)
fix r708541 Delete references to DefaultContext which was removed in 6.0.x. (markt)
add r709018 Initial implementation of an asynchronous file handler for JULI. (fhanik)
fix Give session thisAccessedTime and lastAccessedTime clear semantics. (rjung)
add Expose thisAccessedTime via Session interface. (rjung)
add Provide a log format for JULI that provides the same information as the default but on a single line. (markt)
add r723889 Provide the ability to configure the Executor job queue size and a timeout for adding jobs to the queue. (fhanik)
add Add support for aliases to StandardContext. This allows content from other directories and/or WAR files to be mapped to paths within the context. (markt)
update Provide clearer definition of Lifecycle interface, particularly start and stop, and align components that implement Lifecycle with this definition. (markt)
add 48662: Provide a new option to control the copying of context XML descriptors from web applications to the host's xmlBase. Copying of XML descriptors is now disabled by default. (markt)
fix Move comet classes from the org.apache.catalina package to the org.apache.catalina.comet package to allow comet to work under a security manager. (markt)
update Port SSLInsecureRenegotiation from mod_ssl. This requires to use tomcat-native 1.2.21 that have option to detect this support from OpenSSL library. (mturk)
update Allow bigger AJP packets also for request bodies and responses using the packetSize attribute of the Connector. (rjung)
updater703017 Make Java socket options consistent between NIO and JIO connector. Expose all the socket options available on (fhanik)
fix 46051: The writer returned by getWriter() now conforms to the PrintWriter specification and uses platform dependent line endings rather than always using \r\n. (markt)
update Use tc-native 1.2.x which is based on APR 1.3.3+ (mturk)
update r724239 NIO connector now always uses an Executor. (fhanik)
update r724393 Implement keepAliveCount for NIO connector in a thread safe manner. (fhanik)
update r724849 Implement keep alive timeout for NIO connector. (fhanik)
update Update JSP support to the JSP 2.2 specification. (markt)
update Update EL support to the EL 2.2 specification. (markt)
update r787978 Use "1.6" as the default value for compilerSourceVM and compilerTargetVM options of Jasper. (kkolinko)
add 48358: Add support for limiting the number of JSPs that are loaded at any one time. Based on a patch by Isabel Drost. (markt)
add 48689: Access TLD files through a new JarResource interface to make extending Jasper simpler, particularly in OSGi environments. Patch provided by Jarek Gawor. (markt)
High Availability
add Add support for UDP and secure communication to tribes. (fhanik)
add Add versioning to the tribes communication protocol to support future developments. (fhanik)
add Add a demo on how to use the payload. (fhanik)
add Started to add JMX support to the cluster implementation. (markt)
fix r609778 Minor fixes to the throughput interceptor and the NIO receiver. (fhanik)
fix r630234 Additional checks for the NIO receiver. (fhanik)
update r671650 Improve error message when multicast is not enabled. (fhanik)
Web applications
update r631321 Update changelog to support the <rev> element in the documentation. (fhanik)
add A number of additional roles were added to the Manager and Host Manager applications to separate out permissions for the HTML interface, the text interface and the JMX proxy. (markt)
add CSRF protection was added to the Manager and Host Manager applications. (markt)
add List array elements in the JMX proxy output of the Manager application. (rjung)
add A new JmxRemoteLifecycleListener that can be used to fix the ports used for remote JMX connections, eg when using JConsole. (markt)
fix Numerous code clean-up changes including the use of generics and removing unused imports, fields, parameters and methods. (markt)
fix All deprecated internal code has been removed. Warning: If you have custom components for a previous Tomcat version that extend internal Tomcat classes and override deprecated methods it is highly likely that they will no longer work. (markt)
update Parameterize version number throughout build scripts and source. (rjung)

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